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Class Availability
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Course Duration
40-45 Hours
Training Methodology
25% Theory & 75% Practical

Class Availability

Weekdays & Weekends

Course Duration

40-45 Hours

Training Methodology

25% Theory & 75% Practical


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Looking for Microsoft Dynamics CRM training in Bangalore? Your search ends here at IQ Stream Technologies!

Sales, marketing and customer service, or Customer relations as a whole, is fundamental to any business. In easy terms, a company’s success depends on how well it interacts and does business with its customers. Naturally, there’s a lot of crucial intel involved in customer relations. Intel that can be used to not only improve sales and revenue but also to avoid any in-house conflicts.

But squeezing useful information from a variety of large databases is time-consuming and might not be accurate. Businesses have realized that and have thus started automating most of the processes through smart data-driven software solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Customers Relationships Management) is one such solution. It’s a CRM system of tools and software that helps you manage and maintain customer relationships. With MS Dynamics 365 CRM, organizations can automate the tracking of sales leads, marketing and buying funnel, and gain insightful and actionable information.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM tool is the most popular and widely used CRM tool in the world. Businesses of all sorts have started implementing CRM. The demand for great CRM experts is on the rise compared to other developers and techies. Companies from all sectors are always looking out for talented CRM professionals. Therefore, mastering this skill is something that should not be ignored. And you can do that all by enrolling into our all-in-one Microsoft Dynamics CRM training course which covers all the concepts and areas of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training

IQ Stream Technologies proudly presents the best Microsoft Dynamics CRM training and certification course in Bangalore and around. This comprehensive training course will help you get familiar with all the  modules of CRM including administrative, technical, financial, and functional  so you can make good use of MS Dynamics CRM software for any client or organization. Upon completion of the course, trainees can easily crack the Microsoft Dynamics CRM certification exam and become a certified Microsoft CRM professional.

The key features of our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training include:

  • Hands-on experience of all the versions of MS Dynamics CRM (including 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016,
    and 365).
  • Unlimited online practice sessions.
  • Comprehensive course material (with videos, tutorials, case studies, DIY guides, etc.)
  • Microsoft certification exam samples. Certified trainers (active in the industry).

Wondering? Get a free demo class with us. Get in touch with our support for more details contacts us.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX Training

Microsoft Dynamics AX Training

Just like we said, this course is an all-in-one training program designed to help you become well-versed with all the products of Microsoft Dynamics.

MS Dynamics AX is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform, an important piece of business software from Microsoft Dynamics suite of tools and services. With MS Dynamics AX, you can manage all the back-end operations that run on a daily basis.

By learning MS Dynamics AX, you’ll get familiar with a lot of areas of a business, such as:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Warehouse Management
  • Financial Management
  • Retail and E-commerce
  • Inventory Management
  • Project Management
  • Service Management
  • Human Resources
  • Manufacturing & Distribution

Microsoft Dynamics AX contains both ERP and CRM software, also known as apps. Hence, it also covers sales and marketing to some proportion.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Training

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Training

Another great advantage of enrolling into this course is that you can also learn MS Dynamics 365 ERP solutions. It can help you address all your needs in regards to an enterprise’s resource management. Dynamic 365 or D365 is a new cloud-based platform by Microsoft that includes all CRM, ERP and HCM products, like apps, software and add-ons plus Power BI in a single package. It can provide significant value to a business by increasing automation, efficiency, control, and scalability.

The core areas of MS Dynamics 365 ERP include:

  • Accounting
  • Manufacturing &
  • Distribution

At IQ Stream, we’ll cover both the major Dynamics 365 ERP solutions, that are:

Dynamics 365 Business solution, which is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps
the company meet its business needs as it grows.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations for large enterprises which is used to automate complex processes such as international operations, international transactions (including currency configuration), manufacturing and distribution etc. To make things even easier, Microsoft has licensed 2 apps under this module:

Dynamics 365 Finance for budgeting, project management, finances, and accounting of large MNCs.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for engineering, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution.

Our Microsoft Dynamics ERP Training course will give you an in-depth knowledge of everything there’s to know about Dynamics 365 ERP. Another sound reason to join this course!

Microsoft Dynamics Administrator Training

Microsoft Dynamics Administrator Training

This training module is designed to give you a solid foundation in Microsoft Dynamics Administration. You’ll learn how to handle day-to-day administrative tasks with hands-on practise on real projects.

Our MS Dynamics Administrator training course will equip you with:

  • CRM deployment, customization and configuration
  • CRM utilities
  • Best workflow practices
  • Database administration
  • Troubleshooting (errors, warnings, notifications etc)
  • Automated tracing and clean-up
  • Data quality (tips and tricks), and much more.

Thorough enough? Well, contact us and enroll into it now.

Microsoft Dynamics Training India

Microsoft Dynamics Training India

With IQ Stream’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training, you can too become a certified MS Dynamics specialist. Our MS Dynamics training will cover all the original ERP and CRM software solutions for you in easy methodology.

The Microsoft Dynamics suite contains both ERP and CRM solutions. The first 4 being the ERP software, and the last as the name suggests is a CRM software.

  • Dynamics NAV (Navision)
  • Dynamics AX (Axapta)
  • Dynamics GP (Great Plains)
  • Dynamics SL (Solomon)
  • Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationships Management)

Although Microsoft has unified all of its business applications into a multi-purpose suite i.e. Microsoft Dynamics 365 on its proprietary cloud computing service Azure, getting savvy with this software which is now called as apps are essential since nothing has been changed in terms of coding except functionality. Trainers at IQ Stream will make sure that you’re provided with deep insight about the original Microsoft Dynamics.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Financials Training

Microsoft Dynamics AX Financials Training

Microsoft Dynamics AX financials training will take your financial management to next level. It will also clear your Dynamics AX7 basics so that you can use its new version Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and  operations (D365F&O) which has introduced some new features as well.

This training will help you get expertise on all the financial functions of Dynamics AX7 which is ideal before getting your hands on Dynamics 365. The main skills you’ll learn through this course include:

  • Ledger Maintenance
  • Accounting (Payable/Receivable, Internal/External)
  • Banking and Budgeting
  • Currency conversion
  • Transactions (Domestic and International)
  • Financial statements and closing

Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Training

Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Training

IQ Stream Tech offers a comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics and Dynamics 365 training. Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical training will allow you to understand all the key fundamentals of Microsoft Dynamics AX which is still an essential part of Dynamics 365.

Upon learning, you’ll gain many technical skills related with Dynamics AX. Here’s a highlight of some of the important skills:

  • Installation & Configuration
  • Customization & Development
  • AIF (Application Integration Framework)
  • Finance
  • Security
  • Architecture of X++, MORPH X, form controls, workflows, and so on
  • Trade & Logistics
  • Service Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Case Management
  • Project Management
  • Retail & Manufacturing

Join this course now and become a Microsoft certified developer in no time.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Functional Training

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Functional Training

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is another bundle of feature-packed apps to take care of all the CRM needs of a business. This course module will enable you to grasp all the functions of CRM apps from basic to advanced so that you can become a certified Dynamics CRM developer without breaking a sweat. There are 5 different CRM apps that you’ll get your hands-on during this course. They are:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service
  • Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service

Apart from getting expertise on MS Dynamics CRM apps, you’ll also gain access to all of its functions such as:

  • Installation & Deployment
  • Customization & Configuration
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Accelerators
  • Integration with other software, tools and services
  • Technical functions of CRM

Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operations Training

Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operations Training

In this module, you’ll learn financial management and operations on both Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Apart from customization, configuration, integration and deployment, you’ll learn ample of other skills to help you become an expert in Microsoft Dynamics.

These skills include:

  • Financial Management (including taxes and all)
  • Currency Configuration
  • Calendar Management (Fiscal and Ledger)
  • Accounts Management
  • Maintenance of Ledgers and Journals
  • Cash and Bank Management
  • Credit and Guarantees
  • Day-to-day tasks in regards to Finance & Operations
  • Accounts Distribution and Invoice Verification
  • Budget Planning & Control (Cost-reduction)
  • Assets Management
  • Electronic Reporting Framework
  • Localized Features
  • Periodic Financial Closing & Reporting

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity and give us a call to get started with one of the best IT courses in the market today.


Please contact us for curriculum.

Will I get Microsoft certification upon completion of this course?

Will I get Microsoft certification upon completion of this course?

The Microsoft Dynamics training will equip you with the entire set of Microsoft Dynamics and
Microsoft Dynamics 365. Once you’ve completed this course, you can attend the Microsoft
Dynamics 365 certifications exam and become a certified Microsoft Dynamics expert.

Why should I enrol into this training program with IQ Stream Technologies and not Microsoft itself?

Why should I enrol into this training program with IQ Stream Technologies and not Microsoft itself?

Microsoft has stopped supporting the older versions of Microsoft Dynamics suite since they have
now moved all their business solutions to a single cloud platform Azure. With IQ Stream
Technologies, you’ll get hands-on experience of all the latest versions as well the original ones too
so as to give you a solid base for Microsoft Dynamics 365 which is the one in use.

What kind of classes do you offer?

What kind of classes do you offer?

Since trainees from all backgrounds are interested in joining such technical courses, we offer many
ways for uninterrupted training. You can choose from regular classes, online sessions, corporate
training, or guided learning, whichever fits your schedule the best.

Can I get a job after completing this course even if I don’t go for Microsoft certification exam?

Can I get a job after completing this course even if I don’t go for Microsoft certification exam?

Getting a certification from Microsoft is naturally valued in the market. It can seriously increase
the impact of your resume. But remember, it’s not always the eligibility that counts, but your
capability. So, though we recommend you to go for the exam and get the certification from
Microsoft, even if you don’t wish to do that, you can still add a lot of skills to your technical
qualifications by enrolling into this training program.
For more info on any of our courses, contact us and we’d be more than glad to help.

Konanki Manimala

    • 4.7
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

Iq stream providing best soft skill was very useful for fresher and who are not able to communicate in front of others.i was thankfull to Sidharth for training me and given confidence that I can speak in English.

Ganesh Nandkhile

    • 4.7
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
Very useful. Trainer explained the topics with relation to actual work scenario

Geetha KLR

    • 4.7
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

I had taken Oracle SOA training from Mr. Bhaskar. He is highly experienced and helped us with real time scenarios. The training was very effective. Thanks Mr. Bhaskar for all your support during the training.

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