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Course Duration
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Training Methodology
25% Theory & 75% Practical

Class Availability

Weekdays & Weekends

Course Duration

40-45 Hours

Training Methodology

25% Theory & 75% Practical


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Azure DevOps (formerly known as VSTS) is all you need to assemble your product from scratch to finish. This platform helps every software development team design ventures using the Agile process, test the application, oversee code utilizing Git, and deploy code through the CI/CD framework. In a simple way- (Dev+Ops= DevOps) means a combination of operation processes and development for software development.

[AZ-900] Azure devops tools and Fundamentals

[AZ-900] Azure devops tools and Fundamentals

Azure Fundamentals is the foundational level exam belonging to the new Azure certification path. This exam is for those who want to demonstrate the basic knowledge of cloud services with Microsoft Azure. Also, the people who are from a non-technical background with some basic understanding of the concepts of cloud can take this certification exam. IQ Stream Technologies offering world class online training for Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Expert programs.

[AZ-900] Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification is not mandatory, it is optional but is recommended for beginners or professionals who want to refresh their basics.

Azure Associate

To get a Microsoft Azure DevOps certification, you first need to obtain Microsoft Azure Associate certification. For this, you have two options- Azure Administrator & Azure Developer. IQ Stream in Bangalore is the leading Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Expert online training course provider with proven track records.

[AZ-104] Azure Administrator

Azure Administrators help in designing and implementing microsoft Azure solutions, with major services related to computing, network, storage, and security.

Skills Measured in azure cloud engineer certification

Skills Measured in azure cloud engineer certification

  • Deploy and manage Azure compute resources (25-30%)
  • Manage Azure identities and governance (15-20%)
  • Configure and manage virtual networking (30-35%)
  • Implement and manage storage (10-15%)
  • Monitor and back up Azure resources (10-15%)

Prerequisites of devops azure course

Prerequisites of devops azure course

As a prerequisite for this course certification, you need to have either of the following:

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

If you hold any of these certifications with subject matter expertise in DevOps, you could be ready to pursue this certification.

Azure devops (Exam AZ-400) measures skills as-

Azure devops (Exam AZ-400) measures skills as-

Develop an instrumentation strategy (5-10% of the exam)

  • Design and implement telemetry
  • Design and implement logging
  • Integration testing delivery monitoring and feedback solutions

Develop a site reliability engineering (SRE) strategy (5-10% of the exam)

  • Develop an alerting strategy
  • Design and implement a health check
  • Design a failure prediction strategy

Develop a security and compliance plan (10-15% of the exam)

  • Design governance enforcement mechanisms
  • Design an authentication and authorization strategy
  • Develop security and compliance
  • Design a sensitive information management strategy

Manage source control (10-15% of the exam)

  • Integrate source control with tools
  • Develop a modern source control strategy
  • Configure repositories
  • Plan branching, designing, and implementing strategies for the source code

Facilitate communication and collaboration (10-15% of the exam)

  • Communicate deployment with releasing information
  • Automate communication with team members
  • Generate DevOps process documentation

Define and implement continuous integration (20-25% of the exam)

  • Design-build automation
  • Maintain build strategy
  • Design a package management strategy
  • Automation Runbooks Gallery, Artifactory, Nuget, Jfrog
  • Automated Security Updates, GreenKeeper, NuKeeper
  • Design an application infrastructure management strategy
  • Implement a build strategy
  • Design a process for standardizing builds in organization

Define and implement a continuous delivery- release management strategy (10-15%)

  • Develop deployment templates and scripts
  • Implement the orchestration automation solution
  • Plan the deployment environment strategy

In most cases, exams do not cover preview features.

What is Azure DevOps? Things you should know

What is Azure DevOps? Things you should know

  • Organization

Azure DevOps organization is by default an account name/Domain name, but we can change it. Ordinarily, you have one Azure DevOps account with various domains inside, which means we can generate multiple organizations with one Microsoft account. We can configure security and access control for an individual organization as well.

  • Projects

We can split the Azure DevOps organization into multiple projects and configure access control, build process, pipeline, board, and code for an individual project.

  • Azure Board

Azure board is used for planning, tracking for Backlog, Work Items, and Sprints. It is also termed an ALM (application life cycle management) tool, just like other ALM tools SpiraTeam, JIRA, etc. We can create workflows, epic, issue types, and many other components of ALM inside the Azure board.

  • Azure Repos

Azure Repos is where we can manage, create, and store versions of our codebase. We can use it to review code and other version control functionality. Azure Repos gives us two types of version control systems which are TFVC (centralized version control) and GIT (Distributed version control).

  • Azure Pipeline

The azure pipeline is an automation process of DevOps that lets us make a build, release, test, and deploy on the target machine. It is the combination of CI/CD.

  • Azure Artifacts

Azure Artifacts is one of Azure DevOps extensions, which helps us create, host, manage, and share packages across the team. It supports multiple packages, e.g, NPM, Nuget, Python, Maven, etc. Azure Artifacts are essentially a collection/ output of dll, jar, rpm, and many other types of files. One of those extension-based files may contain metadata.

  • Azure Test plans

Azure plans support advanced test management solutions for UAT, customer feedback, manual testing, and Automation testing.

What can Azure DevOps training do?

What can Azure DevOps training do?

  • Planning

As discussed above, the Azure board is an efficient ALM tool. Azure board helps us maintain an agile process, which means the DevOps helps us plan and track development history for individual developers. They also detect issues using a scrum or kanban.

  • Develop

To manage our code repository and workspace, multiple sorts of version control are integrated with Azure DevOps. Almost all the features related to DevOps are already inbuilt.

  • Integration/Build

We can use constant integration and deployment (CI/CD) with the help of the Azure pipeline. There are multiple job agents, and templates are already available inside.

  • Package

This already has an inbuilt extension available, Azure Artifacts, so that we don’t need to go anywhere for any other type of packages.

  • Testing

Testing is a significant part of the DevOps process. The Azure DevOps delivers multiple types of management tools and inbuilt testing templates.

  • Release

The software release process is a critical moment for DevOps. So Azure DevOps already has multiple kinds of inbuilt features to make the process risk-free and easy.

  • Configure/Operate

It’s very easy to operate and configure because Azure DevOps has a simple process for configuring organization, sprints, kanban, etc.

  • Monitor

Each stage of the DevOps life cycle needs to be monitored because it helps to ensure your application’s health, performance, and reliability.

  • Reporting

Azure DevOps has a well-built dashboard where we can see reports, summarize, and generate an analytical report with BI integration.

  • Wiki

Azure DevOps Wiki helps us distribute information, share knowledge, and collaborate across teams and stakeholders. A Wiki can be used to explain the project’s user stories, release notes, sprints, etc.

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Azure DevOps platform is generally applied in the Software Development process. Along these lines, it also helps the association, which is using Azure and making the SLA simple. A lot of such benefits exists which will help you in career. So if you are anywhere close to making a profession in Microsoft, you should definitely try this training course from IQ Stream.

Azure DevOps Engineer Expert Units:

Azure DevOps Engineer Expert Units:

Unit 1 – Introduction to Azure
Unit 2 –
Unit 3 –
Unit 4 –
Unit 5 –
Unit 6 – Intersecting with Other Information Server Products

Azure DevOps Engineer Expert Objectives

Azure DevOps Engineer Expert Objectives

Describe the uses of Azure

Who this training and certification is For?

The Microsoft certified DevOps engineer expert training is for professionals who combine people, technologies, and processes, to continuously deliver value through services and products that meet end-user needs and business objectives. Essentially, this involves professionals currently indulged in DevOps culture and practices.

This Microsoft certification is a suitable fit for you if you are proficient with Agile practices of Azure, i.e., if you can design and implement solutions for compliance, version control, infrastructure as code, configuration management, release, build, and testing using Azure technologies.

Your daily work should include streamlining deliveries by creating automation, optimizing practices, and improving collaboration. You must also be familiar with both Azure administration and development and be an expert in at least one such area.

What this Azure DevOps certification is for?

Passing the exam and getting this certification will show your ability to design a DevOps strategy. Also, you will be able to implement development processes, application infrastructure, dependency management, and continuous integration testing delivery (CI/CD).

The certification showcases our proficiency with DevOps practices and your Agile tools and services skills, including third-party tools that work with Microsoft Azure.

As a role-based certification, this is aimed at reflecting the Azure DevOps Engineer job role. Therefore it demonstrates that you have sufficient skills and knowledge to work in that capacity.

Which Exams are Applicable?

To get this certification, you must pass:
• Exam AZ-400: Designing & Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions.

This exam is technical and needs a level of hands-on experience with DevOps tools and technologies and some breadth of knowledge around DevOps and Agile processes.

As DevOps is a broad area, this is a briefly comprehensive and difficult exam. The exam objectives are covered in-depth, but there are a few areas that go deeper than others:

  • Azure DevOps
  • PowerShell
  • Version Control (mostly Git)
  • Azure Resource Manager

For other areas, you should have a suitable level of understanding of the skills and concepts and where they would fit into the overall landscape.

Konanki Manimala

    • 4.7
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

Iq stream providing best soft skill was very useful for fresher and who are not able to communicate in front of others.i was thankfull to Sidharth for training me and given confidence that I can speak in English.

Ganesh Nandkhile

    • 4.7
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
Very useful. Trainer explained the topics with relation to actual work scenario

Geetha KLR

    • 4.7
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

I had taken Oracle SOA training from Mr. Bhaskar. He is highly experienced and helped us with real time scenarios. The training was very effective. Thanks Mr. Bhaskar for all your support during the training.

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