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Oracle SOA Training in Bangalore

IQ Stream Technologies is one of the top Oracle SOA Training institutes in Bangalore with highly experienced and skilled trainers. IQ Stream Technologies Bangalore also offers placement assistance for students who enrolled in Advanced Oracle SOA (service-oriented architecture) Training Courses. Oracle SOA Suite provides a varieties of suite of components for developing, securing, and monitoring service-oriented architecture (SOA). We offer advanced WSDL and Webservices, Oracle SOA Tools and their interaction, Oracle Fusion Applications, Jdeveloper with SOA Extension etc learning experiences and advanced tools for better learning, understanding and experience.

Expert SOA Training Institute

Become and Expert in Oracle SOA suites with IQ Stream Technologies' advanced Oracle SOA service-oriented architecture learning programmes. Main highlights of our Oracle SOA Training in Bangalore (BTM Layout) include Transformation (XSLT), Adapter Architecture (JCA), BPEL (Business Process Execution Language), Free Live Server Access, Intensive Practical Training, Advanced Learning Materials & Tools, Friendly Classrooms etc. IQ Stream Technologies offer beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons for you to become an expert in the area.

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SOA Training in Bangalore

5 Star Reviews & Ratings

Reviewed By: Sunu Varghese
Reviewed Date: March, 2018
We acknowledge the sincere efforts put in by the trainer Mr. Manoj to patiently explain the topics. He had taken personal interest in noting the doubts and clearing them one by one. He had given observation and feedback on the students and provided advice on what should be their learning path to master the areas introduced to them.

Reviewed By: Naresh Bogavaram
Reviewed Date: March, 2018
The best thing i like at IQ stream is the personalized care that the trainers take to make me understand concepts well. The experienced trainers make it easy to learn.

Reviewed By: Ramya Gowda
Reviewed Date: July 20, 2017
I took Fusion HCM training at IQ Stream Technologies. The trainer is very experienced and provided reference to all real time scenarios. The management is very professional and helpful! They provide support outside the class too.

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Course Overview:

Course NameOracle SOA Training
Venue IQ Stream Technologies
Official URLOracle SOA Training
Demo ClassesOn Demand
Training Methodology:25% Theory & 75% Practical
Course Duration40-45 Hours
Class AvailabilityWeekdays & Weekends
Demo TrainingEmail ID :

Oracle SOA Training Location:

IQ Stream Technologies' Oracle SOA Training Institute Location: BTM Layout, Bangalore
Mobile : +91 8884684156, +91 9620196773
Landline: +91 80 42073645​
Address: #3, 8/2 Anugraha Complex, 1st E Cross,
20th Main, Maruti Nagar Main Road,
BTM Layout 1st Stage, Bangalore - 560029

Nearby Locations: BTM Layout, Jayanagar, JP Nagar, Koramangala, HSR Layout, Bommanahalli

Highlights of Our Oracle SOA Certification in Bangalore

- Intensive Practical Training
- Advanced Learning Materials & Tools
- Friendly Classrooms
- Practical Guidance
- Advanced Lab Facility
- Placement Oriented
- Expert and Experienced Trainers

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SOA Overview

This course is going to cover in-depth of all the components, concepts and modules of Oracle SOA Suite. This gives a great exposure to Oracle Fusion Middleware. High importance is given for Hands-on practicals during the course. Learn more about Oracle SOA interview questions here.
• All Oracle SOA Software required for the course will be provided.
• The Software will be installed in student's laptop as part of the course
• The course topics are very close to 'Oracle SOA Certification '
• As part of course, examples will be demonstrated.
• Assignments will be provided for in-class and home work.
• Student will complete a project by end of the course.
• Student should carry a laptop with the following configuration
• Windows 7 (64 bit)
• 4GB RAM (Minimum)


• Introduction to XSD
• Introduction to WSDL and Webservices
• Describe Service Component Architecture (SCA)
• History of Reusability
• History of Web and Integration Technologies
• Overview of Oracle SOA Tools and their interaction
• Overview of Oracle Fusion Middleware and their presence in Oracle Fusion Applications
• Runtime Architecture of SOA

Oracle SOA Admin - Software Installation

• Install Java
• Install Jdeveloper with SOA Extension
• Install Oracle XE10g
• Install Weblogic Server
• Install RCU
• Install SOA
• Configure SOA Server on Weblogic
• Test the installation using Oracle Enterprise Manager

Enterprise Service Bus (Mediator)

• Routing
• Transformation (XSLT)
• Filtering
• Subscribe to Events
• Generate Events


• Adapter Architecture (JCA)
• File Adapter
• Database Adapter
• JMS Adapter
• Configure Adapters (Design Time and Run-time)

BPEL (Business Process Execution Language)

• Use BPEL Editor to create BPEL synchronous and asynchronous processes
• Use WSDL partner link types and BPEL partner link elements to interact with services
• Manipulating XML Data in BPEL process
• XSLT Transformation
• Use the Assign activity to manipulate data in BPEL variables
• Using Conditional Branching in a BPEL Process
• Using Repetitive Activities in a BPEL Process
• Using Parallel Processing in a BPEL Process
• Switch/if, Flow, FlowN, forEach
• Non-blocking Invocation pattern
• Explain concept of Dehydration
• Various Interaction patterns
• Invoking Synchronous Webservice from a BPEL process
• Invoking Asynchronous Webservice from a BPEL process
• Using Fault Handling and Exception in a BPEL Process
• Transactions and Propagating Faults
• Compensation Handling in a BPEL Process
• Using BPEL Process Manager Sensors to monitor the BPEL data
• Using Business Rules in a BPEL Process
• Using Human Task in a BPEL Process
• Using Adapters in a BPEL Process
• Using Alarm Activity
• Using Pick Activiity
• Using Invoke, Receive Activities
• Using Scope and Sequence
• Generating Events from a BPEL Process
• Subscribing Events from a BPEL Process

Business Rules

• Design Business Rule
• Create RuleSet
• Create Rules using if/then
• Create Rules using Decision Table
• Define Global Variables
• Define List of Values, List of Range
• Create Decision Service
• Integrate Business Rule with BPEL Process
• Use SOA Composer to change the rules dynamically in a running Process

Human Task Services

• Design a human task
• Configure in-built outcomes of a task.
• Define a custom outcome and use it in a task
• Define Input Data for a human task
• Deal with different types of Task Assignments
• Describe various types of Assignment Patterns
• Single and Multiple Assignments
• Serial and Parallel Stages
• Management Chain
• Use ldapconnection to search Users
• Define Task Form (Auto generate)
• Describe how to customize Task Form
• Use BPM Worklist to act on tasks
• Approve, Reject, Request Additional Info, Reasign

Securing Services

• Describe the role and features of Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM)
• Describe security and identity propagation
• Attach security policies to end points at design-time and run-time
• Use UserNameToken to secure a Service
• Use SAML Protection Service Token to secure a Service
• Use SAML Protection Client Token to propagate security token

Testing SOA Composite Application

• Create TestSuites to test a SOA Composite Application
• Use Inbound Messages
• Emulate Outbound, Fault and Callback Messages
• Run Test Suites
• Verify the Test Results and examine details of the results

Event Driven Network (EDN)

• Define Events
• Generate Events using BPEL
• Generate Events using Mediator
• Subscribe to Events using Mediator
• Subscribe to Events to using BPEL


• Describe the benefits of governance for SOA
• Describe the main features of Oracle Enterprise Repository/Registry
• Describe life cycle management

Basics of Oracle Service Bus Service Mediation

• Differentiate between when to use Mediator and when to use Service Bus
• Explain the role of Service Bus and the benefits it provides
• Proxy Service, Business Service and Pipeline
• Explain Throttling
• Explain Endpoint management
• Explain Caching scale Business Services

Oracle 12C New features

• BPEL – Subprocess
• Rethrow in BPEL
• Design time MDS
• Mapping using Xquery
• Mobile Channel Enablement
• JDeveloper SOA Debugger
• SOA Tester in JDeveloper
• Jdeveloper Fault Policy Editor

Oracle SOA Admin – Important Activities

• Deploy and undeploy SOA composite application using Jdeveloper
• Deploy, undeploy, retire SOA composite applications through OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control)
• Generating and using Deployment Configuration Plans
• Creating JDBC Data sources in Weblogic Server
• Configuration of Outbound Connections for DB Adapter
• Configuration of Outbound Connections for JMS Adapter
• Monitor components deployed to SOA Suite using OEM
• Troubleshoot a deployed SOA Suite application using OEM
• Managing multiple versions and default of the same composite applications using OEM
• Understand the difference and use of default and other versions of a composite applications
• Introduction to User Messaging Service (UMS)
• Configuration of Logging levels for different components of SOA
• Acting on Faults
• Attaching/Detaching Policies on SOA Composite components



Oracle SOA Training: 5 Out of 5
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