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oracle time and labor training

Get the industry-best Oracle time and labor training at IQ Stream Technologies – top training institutes in Bangalore!

If there’s one element in the global business which is non-negotiable, it must be the concept of ‘time’. Quite basic, right? Yes. But is it essential for international corporations around the world?. From tracking delivery duration to paying wages, time is the most crucial factor that acts like the fulcrum in making a decision.

To ease the burden off of the human resource department to track and organize the time under different verticals, individuals, Oracle Time and Labor is the optimal solution.

Oracle time and labor cloud

Oracle time and labor cloud

Time and Labor is a management system striving under the umbrella of Oracle Fusion HCM. Timekeeping is of paramount importance for firms in all their activities. It also acts as the basis for making important decisions as it lets the firms manage time effectively..

The existing framework of timekeeping is error-prone and inefficient. But Oracle time and labor is a one-stop solution for the effortless timekeeping of firms.

From tracking exception times to charging the clients on a time expended basis, salaried employees and firms find it tiring to spend time on tracking time.
Adding on, traditional methods of timekeeping has been slow and highly inefficient, deeming it an activity which is a thorn for the corporates.

Oracle cloud time and labor

Oracle cloud time and labor

Oracle time and labor is a comprehensive solution. It provides immense flexibility for employees and HRs to feed the working hours from anywhere.

Oracle cloud time and labor let you align well with the web clock. It ensures integrity at all times. It tracks the working hours of all the employees at the same time. Given time and labor’s integration with the Oracle Absence Management, the tracking of absence and approval of the same is easier and less taxing on the HR department.

Additionally, you can integrate Oracle’s payroll to align the employees’ time and efforts with their payment dues. The automation in valuing the efforts and aligning pay will enhance the morale of employees and will decrease employee turnover. Furthermore, this adds up to the firm’s productivity and can ensure cost-efficient human capital management.

For existing HCM professionals, Oracle Time and labor training and certification will be a major boost. For that, you can enroll in IQ Stream Tech’s Oracle time and labor training program for the most effective learning.

Oracle HCM cloud time and labor

Oracle HCM cloud time and labor

As people are relying more and more on cloud and virtual tracking systems, Oracle time and labor is rising on demand. On the plus side, Oracle’s Cloud HCM enhances the credibility of the software. There is no compromise as to data latency or accuracy of the data being fed.

Using time and labor, the firm and its HR department can rely on the software as the primary source of time-related data for the entire firm. Besides, it improves the firm’s compliance with rules and governmental policies. Given the steep fines being levied on violations related to short pays, errors in keeping time can be detrimental for the firm.

Time and labor’s integration with project costing assist the determining of costs, valuing of efforts, and transparent communication. You can customize the set, as per convenience, with multiple options for approval being offered. Timecards vary for different employees. Also, time and labor provide time cards to employees as per their job.

Oracle HCM time and labor

Oracle HCM time and labor

Mass approvals are not an issue as the time entry is doable at a scale. Time and labor make the time card, which lets you customize features in the calendar and the time card entry system. Another advantage is that it’s very easy to use. Even employees can do most of these customizations rather than calling out to specialized IT support.

Cloud-based automation organizes data by keeping track of time as per the HR department’s convenience. We can use this data as the basis to make payrolls. In case of litigation, this data can act as a primary source — evidence for the time devoted to the firm by the employee and corresponding compensation of the same.
Time and Labor’s potential to enhance productivity is immense.

To leverage this potential, individuals need to be proficient in it.
For that, IQ Stream Tech provides the best, up to date, Oracle time and labor training. Enroll today.

Oracle Time and labor tables

Oracle Time and labor tables

As time is the fulcrum of business operations, tables are the fulcrum that Oracle time and labor revolves around. From the Timecard Table day header to the Projects interface table, it is by far the most important piece of the entire puzzle. To implement the rules for each time management structure, tables are required to collate policies and align them with the basis for approval.

The Earning Policy table listing is a culmination of all the earning policies present in the firm. Employees can learn the metrics and qualitative aspects with utmost transparency.

On a lighter note, the employees’ favorite ‘Holiday calendar table’ is a report which includes all the holidays in a calendar year. Oracle’s Absence Management system can track both the scheduled absenteeism and the employee’s time card. This, integrated with the time and labor, effectively calculates the exact value and efforts being provided to the firm.

The person or assignment table list is a crucial table. It outlines the exact expectations of each employee, alongside the time constraints. It acts as an advanced attendance. Employees’ tasks, and the dates associated with their tasks, also go on this report.

You can see the importance of this table during the salary payouts and also during unforeseen litigation or legal claims. Value-based remuneration depends on this table for all financial relations between the firm and employees.

Oracle time and labor data sheets

Oracle time and labor data sheets

Apart from these major tables, the Project Accounting table list — the mention of projects, costing, and relevant information. And, a Work Plan table list followed by a template is also equally important for a firm to accomplish a task.

The tables must coincide with Oracle time and labor data sheets to give managers an eagle’s point of view to various data.

Oracle Time and labor training

Oracle Time and labor training

We can look at it as a prospective career booster, as Oracles Time and Labor contribute to a firm’s growth. Time and labor helps everyone from existing human capital management professionals (HCM) to those pursuing to be an HR.

Employers often prefer oracle Time and labor training by certified professionals. The reason for this being the flexibility and proficiency brought to the table. Higher pay scales can be given to freshers during placements if they are certified. Existing employees can use this to pitch for a salary raise.

Also, as the call for cost-cutting initiatives is rising at an alarming rate amongst the corporates, this certification can act as a catalyst. The value added by this certification is unrivaled.

Oracle time and labor training

Oracle time and labor training

For such a certificate, students deserve the best training. You are at the right spot as IQ Stream Tech is a premier institution with years of quality training experience. Also, by adapting to the growing demands, we are virtual and conduct online tutorials.

IQ Stream Tech has designed the modules and customized them to cater to the existing skillset of a diverse set of students. By enrolling in our Oracle time and labor training, students are investing in a certificate whose returns will be in abundance.

With state-of-the-art technology and updated pedagogy, IQ Stream Tech will train you to be proficient in diverse verticals. With a sweet mixture of theory, practical sessions, and case studies, we train you to be the best fit for the industries. Also, a dedicated team would be there to help you sharpen your skills and answer your queries around the clock.

To enroll yourself at IQ Stream Tech for Oracle time and labor training, contact us at or call us at +91 80 42-073-645


Check the syallabus


Time Entry Layout Component

Layout Set

Time Categories and Time Consumer Set 

HCM Group

Worker Time Processing Profile

Worker Time Entry Profile 

Fast Formula

Rule Template 


Rule Set

Custom Time Attribute Setup

Web Clock Setup

Biometric Integration Setup

Absence and Compensatory Leave Setup

Roles in Time and Labor

Time and Labor Admin View

Line Manager and Employee View

Who will be training the students?

IQ Stream Tech ensures that the trainers are industry experts with a substantial amount of experience. They will train the students as per the demands of the industry. Furthermore, for the benefit of the student, they shall tutor on tips and tricks for interviews, required aptitude, and other soft skills. They can also refer to oracle time and labor user guide r12 to find more relevant information on the topic.

What are my takeaways from the Oracle Time and Labor Training program?

Alongside the immense knowledge and practical skills, we provide you with a certificate. It is a testimonial for your unwavering dedication to learning Oracle Time and Labour. The certificate issued by IQ Stream Tech holds authority all around the world. Also, through a digital badge, the students can use this on their LinkedIn and other virtual profiles while applying for jobs.

What is the fee structure of the Oracle Time and Labor Training?

For fee structure, please feel free to reach out to us.

What are the common oracle time and labor interview questions?

Oracle usually conducts 3 to 4 rounds for the selection of any fresher in the software engineering department. While these questions vary for every candidate depending on the experience here are the most common ones-

    • What are the types of predefined layouts by Oracle?
    • What’s the difference between OTLR and OTL?
    • How to transfer data from OTL to projects and payroll?
    • How to link the absence with OTL?
    • Which are the primary Oracle tables pertaining to OTL?
    • How to make oracle time and labor ppt?
    • How to restrict workers from getting negative hours in time cards?

What do I install before putting oracle time and labor setup steps?

Before you begin with the process, you should take a look at the oracle time and labor tutorial. The minimum items should be present in the default or existing configuration. This quick setup lets you have a time card to enter and submit your defined test system. After this setup, you can test if your application works properly.

The setup assumes you use delivered Oracle time and labor menus, security, and responsibilities. And, if you have already installed Oracle HRMS, most of the items will already exist. Here are the minimum items you require installing Oracle time and labor-

    • Define Menus
    • Set Up Sysadmin ID
    • Define Report Security Groups
    • Disable the Multiple Windows Features
    • Create Responsibilities

Konanki Manimala

    • 4.7
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

Iq stream providing best soft skill was very useful for fresher and who are not able to communicate in front of others.i was thankfull to Sidharth for training me and given confidence that I can speak in English.

Ganesh Nandkhile

    • 4.7
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
Very useful. Trainer explained the topics with relation to actual work scenario

Geetha KLR

    • 4.7
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

I had taken Oracle SOA training from Mr. Bhaskar. He is highly experienced and helped us with real time scenarios. The training was very effective. Thanks Mr. Bhaskar for all your support during the training.

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