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Class Availability
Weekdays & Weekends
Course Duration
40-45 Hours
Training Methodology
25% Theory & 75% Practical

Class Availability

Weekdays & Weekends

Course Duration

40-45 Hours

Training Methodology

25% Theory & 75% Practical


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Online SAP Hana Training


Build a successful career in SAP Hana with the best SAP Hana Training in Bangalore!

Whether you are an IT expert, business analyst, or an app developer, learning SAP HANA can help you boost your career in numerous ways. At present, SAP is the biggest performer in business intelligence and data analysis domains. Hence, getting the required skills to be able to work with SAP Hana is definitely going to shape your career. At IQ Stream Technologies, we realize the current marketing needs and how Hana has transformed the way businesses process data these days. It is also quite clear that SAP Hana is not going to vanish anytime soon. Considering the increase in demand for SAP professionals across the globe, IQ Stream has designed its SAP training course in an effective way. We offer SAP HANA courses S4, BI, BW, SAP Administration, Cloud Integration training, Simple Finance, Simple Logistics, etc., to make you proficient in each and every aspect of this SAP hana platform.

To let you know, IQ Stream Technology is an authorized institute for SAP Hana online training in Bangalore.

What is SAP HANA?

SAP Hana or SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance, is a recent technology specifically designed to handle large amounts of structured data from databases, SAP and Non-SAP applications and even other systems easily and quickly. In technical terms, SAP Hana is an in-memory data platform that can be easily deployed as an on-premise or off-premise database. This means, unlike any other relational database (RDBMS), SAP Hana resides in-memory (RAM) allowing the CPU or real-time applications to access data directly. Now, the CPU doesn’t need to look for data on hard disks, which was complex and time-consuming at the same time.

SAP Hana enables data processing of high volume of data in the real world. Data analysts can now access large volumes of data using SAP hana. This is because the HANA infrastructure prevents analysts from complex, time-consuming tasks like writing data, loading data, etc. Also, since the ACID obedient column-based data store of HANA supports industry standards like MDX and SQL, IT experts can develop and execute personalized application programs on this platform. Further, with SAP Hana, data analysts can access real-world operational and transactional data. This is possible because of HANA’s ability to function akin to a SAP ERP application source.

Features of SAP HANA

SAP Hana platform allows businesses to harness the power of their data and speed-up innovation driven outcomes. It also allows them to develop intelligent and real-time solutions to take instantaneous decisions and actions on a single data copy. Some of the key features of SAP hana platform are:

  • Transform Database Management: Allows businesses to simplify their operations using a secure data platform and a single copy of enterprise data.
  • Process Data-in Memory: Make use of data virtualization, integration and replication to process transaction and analytics data wherever it is located.
  • Leverage Advanced Analytics: Make the most of data processing engines for business text, series data, graph and spatial.
  • Develop Next-Generation Applications: Allows building next-gen applications using hybrid transactional and analytical processing capabilities.

Why to get online SAP HANA training?

The commercial software company SAP introduced HANA, a quicker data processing software in 2010-11. This software came as a boon to businesses facing various problems related to high volumes of data. Soon, it became a top choice of businesses for handling data volume beyond the limit of conventional data analysis. SAP HANA has truly made analyzing and handling large amounts of data effortless, fast and even cost-effective. Also, it helps in reducing the complication of data management and data manipulation. With SAP Hana, businesses can increase their profits by determining the opportunities for profitable sales across the entire sales associated with data precision.

Some of the notable benefits of SAP HANA include:

  • Since it offers real-time insights, making valuable faster data assessments is now possible.
  • It allows rapid analyzing, and reporting data that help stimulate key business processes.
  • The data platform helps businesses develop innovative solutions quickly.
  • Since the platform uses its own software and hardware resources, it reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). No hardware cost, no maintenance and testing cost.
  • SAP HANA allows businesses to capture operational data into in-memory without affecting business functions or their flow.
  • Businesses are able to perform transactional and analytical data research in less time.

All these advantages have made SAP Hana an ideal choice for organizations. This, in turn, has increased the demand for professionals who have expertise in using SAP HANA. Being trained in implementing the HANA platform to match the requirements is essential to every individual’s and business’ growth.

SAP Hana Online Training at IQ Stream

Improve your knowledge of SAP HANA with instructor-led training in virtual live classrooms at IQ Stream Technologies.

During our online SAP Hana training course, you will learn the basics of in-memory computing, SAP HANA architecture and various implementation scenarios. Our aim at IQ Stream is to create industry desirable professionals through our unique training approach. We do not go by the books completely but impart knowledge that our SAP experienced trainers have gained while working in various SAP organisations. Our training course syllabus matches with that of the SAP Training modules. Besides virtual learning, we also provide tutorials, course materials, training videos, SAP Interview questions, e-books, and even tips and tricks to crack any interviews in the future.

Our SAP Hana training course is designed to deliver the basic knowledge of SAP HANA, delivered by certified and experienced SAP professionals. We also provide the best SAP S4 HANA training in Bangalore.

Main highlights:

  • 30 hours course duration
  • Training under SAP certified trainers and professionals
  • Intensive Practical Training delivered through real life and use case scenarios.,
  • Advanced Learning Materials & Tools
  • Friendly Classrooms.
  • Access to server
  • 24/7 support even outside the class.
  • One-to-one learning
  • Resolving the issues of learners with special attention to every individual
  • Preparation for jobs and interviews through mock tests, interview questions & answers and resume creation assistance.

We, at IQ Stream, have been in the training industry for more than a decade now. We know the pain points participants face during gaining knowledge. Hence, we know how to address their issues and offer them the best learning experience. We have received 5-star ratings and positive feedback from our participants. This is because of our constant efforts to ensure that the right trainer is assigned to deliver the best training experience to the participants.

IQ Stream conducts SAP Hana online training classes on week days and weekends. Since all our classes are delivered online, you can take them as per your availability.

For a free demo, please contact us.

SAP HANA Course Modules

During this course, we will cover various SAP Hana topics, including:

  • SAP HANA – Overview
  • SAP HANA – Editions
  • SAP HANA Deployment Scenarios
  • SAP HANA Architecture
  • In-memory database management
  • SAP HANA Studio
  • Reporting on SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA Advanced Data Modelling
  • Attributes and Measures in SAP HANA
  • ABAP for SAP HANA Development
  • SQL Script
  • Migration to SAP Hana
  • Software Development for SAP Hana

Who all are eligible to take this training course?

  • Any Engineering Graduate.
  • Graduates from BSc Background.
  • Any working IT Professional from SAP/ Non SAP Background.
  • SAP Consultants looking to upgrade their skills to HANA.

Enroll with us now to get the best online SAP HANA training.

Online SAP Hana Training - Career Scope

SAP Hana is one of the platforms to offer the best career growth for professionals. This is because a majority of the organisations rely on this platform for their database management requirements. And this is not going to stop anytime soon. In addition, HANA is also one of the best solutions that offer significant revenue to the businesses.

Therefore, building a career in SAP HANA is surely enriching and it will continue to go a long way.  Also, candidates with experience in SAP HANA are highly paid. The average salary of a SAP junior professional in the USA is nearly $ 64, 540 per year (or $33 per hour). Based on the study of 255 salaries extracted out from various SAP job descriptions, an entry-level SAP professional gets a starting package of $45,000 per month while the range of the most experienced worker touches up to $90,000 and above. So, the career scope after our SAP Hana training completion is bright and secure.

Prospective Job Roles

Online SAP HANA training is a certification course and after completing your training, you can apply for the following job roles:

  • SAP HANA Master Data Manager
  • SAP HANA Application Developer
  • SAP HANA Performance Consultant
  • SAP HANA In-Memory Business Consultant
  • SAP HANA Operational Consultant
  • SAP HANA Security Consultant
  • SAP HANA Project Manager
  • SAP HANA BW Consultant

End your search for ‘SAP HANA training online india’ Train from anywhere with internet connectivity as per your convenience with our Online SAP Hana Training Courses at IQ Stream. Enrol today.

Course Modules

Software Development for SAP Hana

Migration to SAP Hana

SQL Script

ABAP for SAP HANA Development

Attributes and Measures in SAP HANA

SAP HANA Advanced Data Modelling

Reporting on SAP HANA


In-memory database management

SAP HANA Architecture

SAP HANA Deployment Scenarios

SAP HANA - Editions

SAP HANA - Overview

What is the difference between SAP HANA and SAP S4 HANA?

While SAP Hana is an in-memory database technology, SAP S4 Hana is a business suite with both ERP and BI capabilities. It is built exclusively to be used on SAP Hana and utilises its computing capabilities.

Is there a difference between SAP and HANA?

The new SAP ERP solution is S/4HANA which is the grandchild (because before S/4HANA, R/3 was succeeded by SAP ERP) of R/3 that is written to run with HANA as its database.

What will I learn during SAP HANA training?

We will cover topics including: SAP HANA introduction with HANA artifacts with sample examples.

  • HANA artifact creation/ Debug/ Test/ Troubleshoot techniques.
  • Software development for HANA database.
  • ABAP development for SAP.

How much is the sap hana training cost?

For the fee structure of our SAP hana course, please contact our helpdesk at Here..

Will I get SAP ABAP HANA training as part of SAP Hana training?

Yes, we will cover the basics of SAP ABAP Hana during our SAP Hana training.

Do you offer SAP s4 HANA Training?

Yes, we do offer S4 Hana training. It is a new generation of SAP business suite written in SAP HANA. It offers the end users with features like simplification, planning and simulation options in traditional transactions, and massively increased efficiency.

What is a HANA database?

SAP HANA is an in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system developed and marketed by SAP SE. Its primary function as a database server is to store and retrieve data as requested by the applications.

Who all are eligible to take this training course?

  • Any Engineering Graduate.
  • Graduates from BSc Background.
  • Any working IT Professional from SAP/ Non-SAP Background.
  • SAP Consultants looking to upgrade their skills to HANA.
  • SAP ABAP Consultants

Rohit Nair KP

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Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

It has been outstanding experience to have taken UI/UX Development training under the guidance of Mr.Manoj from IQ Stream Technologies.

Sunu Varghese

    • 4.7
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

We acknowledge the sincere efforts put in by the trainer Mr. Manoj to patiently explain the topics. He had taken personal interest in noting the doubts and clearing them one by one. He had given observation and feedback on the students and provided advice on what should be their learning path to master the areas introduced to them.

rupak das

    • 4.7
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

It is a good institute.I have done manual testing which i have learn quickly and properly.Trainers are good and their trainning skills are good.Classes are happening in time.Thankyou

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