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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Training Course Contents

SAP SD stands for Sales and Distribution. SAP is an ERP that has all the areas required to manage business operations like Finance, Sales, HR, Logistics etc. SAM MM handles the inbound Logistics and SAP SD handles outbound logistics. SAD SD provides several features to manage the customers, sales, pre-sales, orders, pricing and various types of contracts and so on. SAP SD is a fundamental SAP module that is implemented in most of the enterprises.

SAP SD can be learned by experienced people in Marketing, Sales and Distribution to grow to the next level and get better pay package in their career. This is also a suitable module for MBA with marketing stream.

SAP SD course at IQ Stream Technologies it taught by industry experts and high focus is given for understanding the concepts along with extensive practices.


• Introduction to ERP
• Introduction to SAP
• SAP Architecture
• Overview of Sales & distribution
• Over view of Organizational Structures

Master Data

• Customer master data
• Material master data
• Customer master data
• Customer accounting groups

Pre-Sales Activities

• Structure of sales document
• Create SAP SD inquiries
• Create SAP SD quotations
• Creae SAP SD contract
• Create Sales Order
• Create scheduling agreement

SAP SD Sales Customization

• Sales Document Types
• Item Categories
• Schedule Line Categories
• SAP Sales Organization
• SAP Distribution Channel
• SAP SD Division
• SAP Sales Area
• SAP Sales Office
• SAP Sales Group
• SAP Shipping Point
• Assignment of Plant to Sales Organization and Distribution Channel

SAP SD Processes

• Order to Cash Process
• Sales Document Flow
• SD Copy Control
• SD Availability Check
• Incompletion Procedure
• Material Determination
• Material Listing
• Material Exclusion


• Condition Technique
• Condition Type
• Condition Record
• Condition Table
• Price determination
• Fast Material Entry in Sales order
• Product Proposals
• Material Listing and exclusion
• Material Determination
• Free goods

Outline agreements

• Contracts
• Scheduling agreements

Special Business Processes

• Advanced Customer Returns Management
• Returnables Processing
• Customer consignment processing
• Sales Order Processing with Customer Down Payment
• Bill of material processing
• Cross-Company Sales Order Processing


• Overview of shipping
• Shipping point and route determination
• Creating and controlling outbound delivery
• Delivery processing
• Picking conformation
• Processing packing material
• Packing
• Goods issue


• Billing document types
• Creation of billing documents
• Controlling billing documents
• Overview of billing methods
• Billing plan
• Revenue account determination
• Posting billing document to Accounts

Processing of Complaints

• Credit Memo Processing
• Debit Memo Processing