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SAP MM (Material Management) Training

SAP MM stands for Material Management. SAP is an ERP that has all the areas required to manage business operations like Finance, Sales, HR, Logistics etc. Material Management and Logistics is an important activity for any enterprise. Company can control the cost of manufacturing and sales operations through an optimal management of material procurement and maintaining the required stock. Material Management is the most crucial business process for manufacturing companies. SAP MM module provides several features to cover end to end material management for any kind of enterprise.

SAP MM can be learned by experienced people in logistics to grow to the next level and get better pay package in their career. This is one of the few modules also can be learned by freshers other than technical modules like SAP ABAP and SAP HANA.

SAP MM course at IQ Stream Technologies it taught by industry experts and high focus is given for understanding the concepts along with extensive practices.


• Introduction to ERP
• Introduction to SAP
• SAP Architecture
• Procurement in SAP

Basic Settings

• Global Settings
• Purchase Group
• Material Group
• Company code for MM
• Plant Parameters
• Purchase organization and Plant
• Assign Plant to Purchase Organization
• Storage Location

Master Data

• Material master
• Vendor master
• Purchasing info record
• Source list
• Quota arrangement
• Messages

Procurement Process

• Procurement of Stock
• Procurement of Consumable Material
• Purchase requisitions
• Orders
• Request for quotation
• Procurement of stock
• Procurement of material for direct consumption
• Procurement via subcontracting
• External services
• Reporting

Procurement Optimization

• Optimization of contracts
• Optimization through ccheduling agreements
• Optimization through cnvoicing plans
• Optimize Release procedures
• Incompletion Procedure
• Configuration of Purchasing document

Inventory Management

• Goods receipt
• Reservations and goods issue
• Stock transfer
• Condition Table
• Reservations
• Consignment
• Product Proposals
• Physical inventory
• Availability check
• Movement types
• Messages

Evaluation and Account Determination

• Valuation of Material
• Control Price
• Account determination
• Split valuation

Material Requirements Planning

• Reorder point planning
• Lot size calculation
• Planning run
• Planning results

Logistics Invoice Verification

• Basic Invoice Verification
• Credit Memos
• Subsequent Debits and Credits
• Variances and Blocking
• GR/IR Account Maintenance

Enterprise structure and material master configuration

• MM organizational levels
• Material type
• Field selection