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SAP HANA Training

Course Overview?

This course is based on SAP HANA database for SAP ERP.

The SAP HANA courses require that you understand the content of this basic course.

Who is the target audience?

• Everyone
• Developers, consultants
• Beginners through to season SAP Consultants
• SAP ABAP Consultants looking to upgrade their skills to HANA
• College Students interested to get ahead with profession
• Consultants who would like to learn advanced HANA concepts

What You'll Learn?

• SAP HANA introduction with HANA artifacts with sample examples. • HANA artifact creation/ Debug/ Test/ Troubleshoot techniques. • Software development for HANA database. • ABAP development for SAP HANA.

SAP HANA Course overview

In-memory database management overview

• Dictionary encoding & compression, data aging, data layout in memory, merge, join, Scan performance, Aggregate Functions, Database Indices, Parallel Data Processing
• Logging and Recovery (Logging for Dictionary-Encoded Columns), Replication
• Data aging (Data Aging vs. Data Archiving and Hot data vs. cold data)

Introduction to SAP HANA

• SAP HANA Overview
• Why to Choose SAP HANA?
• SAP HANA Hardware Partners
• SAP HANA Landscape
• Get Free Access to SAP HANA Server

SAP HANA Architecture

• SAP HANA Architecture Overview
• Advance Information on SAP HANA Architecture
• 2.3 Row Store Vs Column Store
• 2.4 SAP HANA Backup and Recovery


• SAP HANA Studio Overview
• Download and Install SAP HANA Studio
• Add an HANA System in SAP HANA Studio
• SAP HANA Studio Perspectives

Reporting on SAP HANA

• Reporting on SAP HANA - Overview
• Using Excel for Reporting on SAP HANA

SAP HANA Advanced Modelling

• Create advanced data models in HANA
• Work on SQL Script and Procedure
• Understand how views and procedures work behind the scene
• Create Analytic Privilege to secure the modelling views
• Do performance tune of the modelling views and procedures

SAP HANA Modelling

• SAP HANA Modelling Introduction
• Introduction to Star Schema
• Attributes and Measures in SAP HANA
• Working with Tables
• Attribute View
• Build Your First Attribute View
• Analytic View Overview
• Build Your First Analytic View
• Overview of Calculation View
• Build Your First Graphical Calculation View
• Build Your First Scripted Calculation View
• Modeller Perspective Revisited

Modelling Views

Analytic Privilege

System Schemas and Their Importance

SQL Script


HANA Performance Guidelines

ABAP for SAP HANA Development

• SAP HANA Overview & architecture, Row Store vs. Column Store
• SAP HANA Backup and Recovery, SAP HANA Modelling, Star Schema
• Attributes and Measures in SAP HANA (Attribute view, analytic view, calculation view)
• SAP HANA Studio & Eclipse IDE (Different prospective)
• ABAP Dictionary Enhancements, Data Type Systems, Database Schemas
• When to Use Columnar Storage? And When to Use Row Storage?
• ABAP Dictionary (Database-Specific Properties and Database-Specific Indices)
• advanced Search Helps (Type ahead and fuzzy)
• Recent Open SQL Enhancements (Syntax and select list)

Migration to SAP HANA

• Code-To-Data Paradigm - (HANA specific features – DB procedures & Native SQL, DB oriented programming - open SQL & advanced views)
• Existing code: Migrating to HANA (Detect > modify > explore)
• Holistic tools for quality assurance of ABAP code (ATC, SAT or ABAP Profiler, SQL Monitor - SQLM, SQL Performance Tuning Work list – SWLT)

Software development for SAP HANA

• SAP HANA native Development tools (Eclipse, HANA Studio and HANA tools)
• Creation of database schemas and database tables.
• Creation of modelling views (Attribute, Analytical, Calculation Views)
• SQL Script in HANA (Extensions to SQL: Table Type, Procedure, CE functions)
• Usage of SQL script debugger.
• Exposing & consuming data - Architecture
• Creation and exposing OData services in HANA for UI5 interface.
• HANA SPS06 Features
- OData - CRUD operation support
- Version history & the repository
- Deletion via project explorer, Plan visualizer
- Conflict Resolutions & Developer mode troubleshooting
- Decision tables
• SAP HANA engines: Join engine, OLAP Engine, Calculation Engine
• Joins – Different Types of Joins in SAP HANA
• Creation and management of analytical privileges (Grant access to data)
• System schemas and their importance (_SYS_BIC, _SYS_BI, _SYS_REPO, _SYS_STAT)

On Demand

More advanced concepts
• CDS Views (SP11 and SP12)
• CDS annotations
• Creating FIORI application using CDS views
• Creating list view, transactional apps using CDS view
• BOPF framework
• XS Advanced
• Server Side JS – XSJS: Creating, Extending, Calling, Debugging
• Web based HANA development
• UI5 Development
• Browser based IDEs (HCP, WEB IDE)
• HANA SP11 and SP12 features
• UI5 and FIORI design using BUILD and WEBIDE
• Introduction to HANA cloud platform(HCP) and cloud appliance library(CAL)