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SAP ABAP and SAP HANA Training

Course Overview

• This course is based on software release SAP ECC 6.07 (SAP Net Weaver 7.40) for ABAP and HANA 1.0 for SAP HANA.
• The ABAP Workbench Foundations programming and SAP HANA courses require that you understand the content of this basic course.

Who is the target audience?

• Everyone
• Developers, consultants looking to upgrade their skillsets
• Beginners through to season SAP Consultants
• SAP Functional Consultants looking to learn ABAP skills
• College Students interested to get ahead with their studies

What You'll Learn?

Course is distributed as below:


• SAP ABAP programming with sample ABAP code
• ABAP artifact creation/ Debug/ Test/ Troubleshoot techniques.
• ABAP RECIF (R=Reports, Enhancements, C=conversions, I=Interfaces, F=forms) concepts with example.


• SAP HANA introduction with HANA artifacts with sample examples.
• HANA artifact creation/ Debug/ Test/ Troubleshoot techniques.
• Software development for HANA database.
• ABAP development for SAP HANA.

SAP ABAP Course Overview

Overview of database concepts

• ACID properties of DBMS(Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability)
• Database Normalization techniques (1N, 2N, 3N) with example

SAP Introduction

• What is ERP ? What is SAP and why SAP ?

System Landscape and Introduction to ABAP/4

SAP System Architecture

• SAP Net Weaver Architecture and History
• R3 System Introduction
• Introduction to SAP Landscape
• Architecture of the SAP Net Weaver Application Server

ABAP Workbench Tools

[Understanding workbench tools with examples(Create/Modify/Delete)]
• Object navigator
• ABAP dictionary (Tables, Views, Structure, Types, Lock objects, Domains, Data Elements, Search helps)
• ABAP Editor
• Class Builder
• Function Builder
• Screen painter
• Menu painter

SAP Data dictionary(Create/Modify/Delete/Adjust)

• Domain, Data element, type, type table, view, lock objects, structures, tables
• Type of DDIC tables and table index
• Type of DDIC views

All about SAP Internal Tables

ABAP Programming

• Control Break statements in ABAP
• Difference between append, collect and insert command
• Internal Tables in SAP ABAP
• Open SQL in ABAP and different type of SQL

ABAP Report Programming

• Purpose and use of reports
• Different events in reports with example
• Different types of reports: classical and interactive
• Modularity in ABAP: (ABAP Macro, Include programs, Subroutines, Function Modules & Groups)
• String operations and Field symbols

ALV - ABAP List Viewer Programming

• Filed catalog
• List
• Grid
• SALV reports

Enhancements in SAP ABAP (How to find, work and implement)

Enhancements are the means by which we add our own/ modify existing functionality to SAP's standard business applications. • User exits
• Customer exits (Field exits, Function exits, menu exits and screen exits)
• BADI’s (Classic, New BADI’s, Custom BADI’s)
• BTE(Business transaction events)


Understanding how to find suitable interface for the requirement and implement.
• RFC and different RFC types and uses (How to create/debug/Test)

Module pool programming

Test and Analysis Tools in ABAP

• Enhanced Program Check (SLIN)
• Code Inspector
• ABAP Test Cockpit

Troubleshooting and Problem Management

• ABAP Dump Analysis (ST22)
• ABAP Runtime Analysis (SAT)
• SQL Trace and further Performance Traces (ST05)
• ABAP classic and new Debugger
• Single transaction analysis(SAT)
• Global Performance Analysis (ST30)

SAP HANA Course overview

In-memory database management overview

• Dictionary encoding & compression, data aging, data layout in memory, merge, join, Scan performance, Aggregate Functions, Database Indices, Parallel Data Processing
• Logging and Recovery (Logging for Dictionary-Encoded Columns), Replication
• Data aging (Data Aging vs. Data Archiving and Hot data vs. cold data)

Introduction to SAP HANA

• SAP HANA Overview
• Why to Choose SAP HANA?
• SAP HANA Hardware Partners
• SAP HANA Landscape
• Get Free Access to SAP HANA Server

SAP HANA Architecture

• SAP HANA Architecture Overview
• Advance Information on SAP HANA Architecture
• 2.3 Row Store Vs Column Store
• 2.4 SAP HANA Backup and Recovery


• SAP HANA Studio Overview
• Download and Install SAP HANA Studio
• Add an HANA System in SAP HANA Studio
• SAP HANA Studio Perspectives

Reporting on SAP HANA

• Reporting on SAP HANA - Overview
• Using Excel for Reporting on SAP HANA

SAP HANA Advanced Modelling

• Create advanced data models in HANA
• Work on SQL Script and Procedure
• Understand how views and procedures work behind the scene
• Create Analytic Privilege to secure the modelling views
• Do performance tune of the modelling views and procedures

SAP HANA Modelling

• SAP HANA Modelling Introduction
• Introduction to Star Schema
• Attributes and Measures in SAP HANA
• Working with Tables
• Attribute View
• Build Your First Attribute View
• Analytic View Overview
• Build Your First Analytic View
• Overview of Calculation View
• Build Your First Graphical Calculation View
• Build Your First Scripted Calculation View
• Modeller Perspective Revisited

Modelling Views

Analytic Privilege

System Schemas and Their Importance

SQL Script


HANA Performance Guidelines