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Class Availability
Weekdays & Weekends
Course Duration
40-45 Hours
Training Methodology
25% Theory & 75% Practical

Class Availability

Weekdays & Weekends

Course Duration

40-45 Hours

Training Methodology

25% Theory & 75% Practical


Profesionals Trained


Workshops Every Month


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Microsoft Azure Training in Bangalore

IQ Stream Technologies is one of the top Microsoft Azure and Web Services (Basic – Advanced) training institutes in Bangalore with highly experienced and skilled trainers. We offer Real-Time project training classes with flexible batch timings. IQ Stream Technologies Bangalore also offers placement assistance for students who enrolled in Microsoft Azure and Web Services Course. We cover Cloud Computing, Azure App Services-Web Apps, Windows Azure SQL Database, DocumentDB Service, Azure App Service – Logic Apps, Azure Cloud Service, Managing Azure with Windows PowerShell, Azure Service Bus, Media Service, Virtual Networks, Azure IAAS Virtual Machine, Azure Active Directory and much more. Moreover, advanced learning experiences and tools for better learning, understanding and experience also provided. Our Microsoft Azure training classes in Bangalore BTM will be handled by highly experienced and well trained professionals.

Expert Azure Training Institute

Become and Expert in Microsoft Azure and Web Services with IQ Stream Technologies’ advanced Azure learning programmes. Main highlights of our Course in Bangalore (BTM Layout) include Intensive Practical Training, Advanced Learning Materials & Tools, Friendly Classrooms etc. IQ Stream Technologies offer beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons for you to become an expert in the area.

Azure Overview

This course is going to cover in-depth of all the components, concepts and modules of Oracle SOA Suite. This gives a great exposure to Oracle Fusion Middleware. High importance is given for Hands-on practicals during the course. Learn more about Oracle SOA interview questions here.
• All Oracle SOA Software required for the course will be provided.
• The Software will be installed in student’s laptop as part of the course
• The course topics are very close to ‘Oracle SOA Certification ‘
• As part of course, examples will be demonstrated.
• Assignments will be provided for in-class and home work.
• Student will complete a project by end of the course.
• Student should carry a laptop with the following configuration
• Windows 7 (64 bit)
• 4GB RAM (Minimum)

Course Overview:

Course Name Microsoft Azure Training
Venue IQ Stream Technologies
Official URL Microsoft Azure Training
Demo Classes On Demand
Training Methodology: 25% Theory & 75% Practical
Course Duration 40-45 Hours
Class Availability Weekdays & Weekends
Demo Training Email ID :




  • History of Ruby
  • Dynamic Web Applications
  • Ruby Installation
  • Web Servers and Server-Side Programming
  • Ruby and Databases
  • UNIX/Linux Environment

Data and Operations

Data and Operations

  • Data and Types
  • Variables
  • Constants
  • Operators
  • Expressions
  • Operator Precedence
  • Scope

Conditional Statements and Control Structures

Conditional Statements and Control Structures

  • If Else
  • Case
  • While
  • Do
  • Foreach
  • For In
  • Redo



  • Methods Definition
  • Methods and Blocks
  • Calling a Method
  • Method Parameters
  • Method Return Values
  • Exception Handling

Classes and Objects

Classes and Objects

  • Defining a Class
  • Objects and Attributes
  • Access Control
  • Inheritance and Messages
  • Class Variables and Class Methods
  • Modules and Namespaces
  • Mixins

Web Interaction and File Access

Web Interaction and File Access

  • Ruby HTML Code Generation
  • CGI Code Generation
  • Templating Systems
  • Form Input
  • Validation and Regular Expressions
  • Cookies
  • Sessions
  • Reading/Writing Files

SQL and the MySQL Database

SQL and the MySQL Database

  • Introduction to SQL Syntax
  • Designing and Creating a Table in MySQL
  • MySQL Data Types

Dynamic Applications with Ruby on Rails and MySQL

Dynamic Applications with Ruby on Rails and MySQL

  • Model-View-Controller Architecture Connecting to MySQL Active RecordAction Controller Object-Relational
  • Mapping Action View Authentication Testing and Debugging

Konanki Manimala

    • 4.7
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

Iq stream providing best soft skill was very useful for fresher and who are not able to communicate in front of others.i was thankfull to Sidharth for training me and given confidence that I can speak in English.

Ganesh Nandkhile

    • 4.7
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
Very useful. Trainer explained the topics with relation to actual work scenario

Geetha KLR

    • 4.7
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

I had taken Oracle SOA training from Mr. Bhaskar. He is highly experienced and helped us with real time scenarios. The training was very effective. Thanks Mr. Bhaskar for all your support during the training.

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