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Introduction to Testing

About Test Automation
Conditions of the Test Automation to Be Used
Chances of Test Automation to Be Avoided
Automated Testing procedure
HP QTP in brief

QTP is Recording or Identification Logic

Scenario’s behind QTP is Recording procedure
Logic behind QTP Identification & replay Procedure
How to use the Identification Dialog box previously starts recording
Normal Recording, Analog Recording and Low Level Recording with the real examples

Objects Identifications Configuration

Normal Identification
Mandatory Properties
Assertive Properties
Smart Identification
Base filter Properties
Option filter properties
Ordinal Identifier
Developing Tools and Settings Global

Virtual Objects Configurations

Virtual Object Manager
Determine a Virtual Object
Removing and Disabling Virtual Objects Definitions

Objects Repository (OR)

Why Objects Repository required
How Object Repository works
Test and Run time articles with of TO Properties
Types of Objects Repository
Per Actions versus Shared Objects Repository
The Object Spy
User-defined Objects
Object Repository Shortcomings
Adding Objects
Renaming Objects
Deleting Objects
linking Objects Repositories to an Actions
Exporting Local Objects
Combining Repositories

Data Table’s

Design and run-time data table
When use the global and local data tables
Settings data tables iteration
Data table object model
Data Table Objects functions & Properties through real time
Data table formatting


Types of Actions
Inserts a Calls to Action
Inserts a Call to existent
Insert Call to New
Splitting Action
Insert Call to Copy
Creating an Action
Renaming an Action
Calling an existing
Deleting an Action
Making an Reusable/Non-Reusable
Copying an Actions
Action area


Types of checkpoints with explain on real time assumptions Practicing with dissimilar checkpoints on populate application Troubles at QTP built in checkpoints Options to QTP checkpoint Updates Checkpoints at execution time


Synchronization Points
Checking Object Existence
First Method – Use the Synchronization methods
Second Method – Use the Wait statements
Third Method – Wait attributes methods
Page Vs Browser Synchronization


What is VBScript and how to execute VBScripts? VBScripts are the Basic syntax to live example How to use and run if., Do While For Loop, Select Case, Then Else and till , while move to conditional conceptions on real time scenarios through examples Working with Fixed length of the arrays , Arrays , Dynamic Arrays with examples Alternatives of arguments in VBScript VBScript’s of important frequently used in creating functions & statements with the examples or line-by- line code defined with practice code to create trainees easy with VBScript

VB Script Fundamental & Feature

Scripting Language’s versus. Programming Languages Basic Features of VBScript Hosting Environments or Scripts Engines Developing or Executing a Scripts

Data Type& Variables

VBScript data types Declare the Variables & alternatives of Explicit Statement Assign the Values to the Variables Dynamic Arrays, Dimensional Arrays Array Variables or Scalar Variables