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Class Availability
Weekdays & Weekends
Course Duration
40-45 Hours
Training Methodology
25% Theory & 75% Practical

Class Availability

Weekdays & Weekends

Course Duration

40-45 Hours

Training Methodology

25% Theory & 75% Practical


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oracle taleo training

Grow your skills in talent acquisition & recruitment with the best Oracle Taleo Training at IQ Stream Technologies!

Recruitment is one of the biggest industries worldwide. Further, Taleo is one of the ideal ways to get into this industry and thrive.

IQ Stream Technologies is the best Oracle Taleo Training institute in Bangalore. It aims to deliver knowledge from the basics of talent recruiting to its advanced concepts. With our Taleo training, we will help you develop a deep understanding of Taleo Recruiting Centre and Taleo Recruiting Configuration. By the end of this training program, you will gain in-depth knowledge of how to best use the Taleo Software to create a stronger business. Our Oracle Taleo Course also covers Taleo Onboarding Concepts, Requisition Creation, Offboarding, Agents, Employee Referral, Process, New Hire, Advanced E-offer, etc.

Oracle Taleo Training– Overview

Oracle Taleo Training at IQ Stream Technologies aims to offer in-depth knowledge of the complete talent acquisition solution. During this training, participants will learn about recruiting, onboarding, recruitment marketing, and more. Enrol into our training program and get trained under experts’ guidance. Our Online Certification program will give you a strong foundation and expertise in talent management by implementing Oracle Taleo.

What is Oracle Taleo?

Taleo is a cloud-based talent management software founded in 1999. It was known as RecruitSoft, then. However, it changed its name to Taleo Corporation in 2004. Later in 2012, it was acquired by Oracle. Before its acquisition, Taleo was a leader in talent management because of its strong social media analytics capabilities.

Oracle Taleo is a complete talent acquisition solution. It enhances business productivity and engagement by streamlining the onboarding process. It empowers professionals with the knowledge and resources they need to be successful. With this, enterprises and midsize businesses can recruit top talent with the right skills. Oracle Taleo helps businesses in speeding up their talent management process. Further, it provides them with advanced tools that help in the growth of talent management of organizations. It also offers tools to assist companies in various aspects, including recruitment management, onboarding, etc.


This software suite comes in two versions: one for enterprises and the other for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It covers modules for recruiting, onboarding, performance management, succession planning, learning and development, and compensation management.

Today, over 5,000 customers use Oracle Taleo software including 50% of the businesses in the Fortune 100. Because of its capabilities, Oracle Taleo has secured customer relationships with some of the world’s largest enterprises. This list includes American Airlines, Hewlett Packard, United Airlines, Dow Chemical, & Deloitte & Touche.  MetLife, Bombardier Aerospace, Hasbro, Cabletron Systems, Agilent, and Sutter Health are a few more.

Oracle Taleo Features

The platform offers multiple platforms:

  • Recruiting Cloud Service: This platform enables hiring managersand recruiters to track applicants and reduce recruiting costs. They can also access applicant tracking data anytime, anywhere. The platform uses social media sourcing tools like Twitter and Facebook to collect data. The best part is that you can unite it with desktop productivity tools such as Microsoft Outlook, iGoogle, and MyYahoo.
  • Performance Management Cloud Service: The platform offers many customizable features. This includes review forms, email integration, moving feedback from emails onto the platform, and a talent browser to search candidates for open positions.
  • Onboarding Cloud Service: The platform stores information about all the new employees. It also comes with a recruiter dashboard to track the status of the new hires. In addition, it also has the functionality of eSignature.
  • Learn Cloud Service: Offers features like online content management for both newand existing employees, sub-portals for specific employees, customers, or partners, and learning plans. It also offers social learning, which lets users rate classes or conduct discussions on its content. For those who want to sell courses to external partners can benefit from its E-Commerce functionality.
  • Succession Planning Cloud Service: Available for the Enterprise customers. This platform comes with advanced job searchoptions and assists hiring managers in filling upcoming open positions with either internal candidates or external job seekers.


  • Key Features
  • Corporate/Business
  • Learning Management
  • Social Integration
  • Recruiting Management
  • Compensation Management
  • SCORM Compliance
  • Mobile Learning
  • Onboarding
  • Performance management
  • eCommerce
  • Blended Learning
  • Succession Planning

Oracle Taleo Recruiting - Significance

Hiring needs are ever-growing. In order to manage concurrent job openings and high volumes of applicants, almost every large organization uses an applicant tracking system (ATS). Such systems help hiring managers and recruiters to dig through thousands of applicants. Among the myriads out there, Oracle Taleo is the most used applicant tracking system today. It covers nearly a dominating 30% of market share among Fortune 500 companies.

This platform is not just used for organizing inbound job applicants. However,  its utilities are manifold. It allows human resource representatives to track communication with applicants, generate reports, onboard new hires, and much more. It  can be easily customized according to a company’s needs. This means that any two organizations using this system could be relying on completely varied features.

What is Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service?

Hiring better employees is crucial for SMBs to large organizations as it helps them achieve long-term competitive advantages like increased customer satisfaction, revenue growth, etc. Organizations achieve this optimal state by automating recruitment using Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service. Not only this, but organizations can also achieve talent intelligence from data collected during the hiring process. In this way, organizations are able to enhance their recruiting efficiency and reduce costs, build better talent pools by reaching hard-to-find talent, hiring the right people and making them productive.

What is Oracle Taleo Cloud?

Oracle Taleo Cloud services is a leader in skill management products. It is a modern age product developed to serve the needs of enterprise & midsize organizations. The product offers a pre built data warehouse that spans a range of talent management functions. This service suit is ideal to be used by line managers, executives, and HR teams. It enables professionals to get a single view of talent that further helps in performance optimization. It comes in two variants:

  • Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service

With this edition, organizations can get insights for talent management. It helps them align their performance objectives with the company goals. In addition, the enterprise edition also guides recruitment managers to take necessary measures towards improving the talent quality. They can achieve these goals by developing a career path for the talent pool.

  • Oracle Taleo Business Edition Cloud Service:
    This edition helps Midsize companies in driving top talents. The business edition can also be integrated into social sites and job portals. It also minimizes the vulnerability of organizations towards non-compliances.

Oracle Taleo Jobs

Oracle Taleo Cloud is a recent addition to the market. Since an industry leader offers ir, that too, on the cloud makes it a top preference. Unfortunately, currently, there are very few people who have enough knowledge or experience in this platform. On the contrary, the number of job opportunities in this sector is high. This means that the competition is comparatively less here than any other industry. Therefore, it should be easier to get a job in organizations working on Oracle Taleo Cloud. With this Cloud certification, you will get the opportunity to be part of the Oracle Taleo Cloud implementation and customization teams in organizations like Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, Capgemini, Oracle and many other small to medium software services organizations. Such professionals are usually known as Oracle Taleo Cloud functional consultants. The job positions you could apply for after the training competition includes:

  • Oracle Taleo Cloud Consultant
  • Oracle Taleo Client Lead Consultant
  • Oracle Taleo Cloud Functional Consultant

Hence, taking our Oracle Taleo Training can turn out to be a lifetime opportunity that can open doors to a bright career.

Need flexible learning options? Join our online sessions as per your convenience.


Why is IQ Stream the Best institute for Oracle Taleo Cloud Training?

IQ Stream Technologies is one of the top Oracle Taleo Cloud Training centres in Bangalore with certified, and industry experienced trainers. We provide participants with advanced Oracle Taleo Cloud training using advanced tools for better learning, understanding and experience. We also offer placement assistance after the completion of the training. Though we are based in Bangalore, we welcome participants from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and even overseas. We have our wings in  India (Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi), Middle East (Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia), USA, Africa, Australia, UK. IQ Stream also organizes Corporate Training to improve the knowledge and standard of working professionals.

  • What will you learn in the OracleTaleo course?

Our Oracle Taleo Training course is mainly classified into two categories – Taleo Recruitment and Taleo Onboarding. We will cover a range of topics under each of these categories to help you develop skills in talent management. Our industry expert trainers will assist you through each of the topics keeping a practical approach backed by uses cases and real-time scenarios.

Oracle Taleo Training Modules

  • User Administration
  • Taleo Recruitment
  • Taleo Onboarding
  • Candidates Files
  • Candidates Selection Workflows
  • Career Sections
  • Offer Functionality
  • Managing Tasks


Become an Expert in Oracle Taleo Cloud with IQ Stream Technologies’ advanced learning program.


Main highlights of our Online Training Program:

  • Cover all the modules of Oracle Taleo Cloud
  • Advanced Learning Materials & Tools
  • Intensive Practical Training
  • World-class online infrastructure
  • Friendly Classrooms
  • Hands-on labs, and real-world tasks.
  • 24/7 support outside class
  • Personal attention to each participant.


Trainers at IQ Stream provide beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons for participants to gain expertise in Oracle Taleo. You will be given access to the Oracle Taleo Cloud instance during the training session where you can access it over the internet from anywhere for practices. Our trainers will also assist you in understanding the real-life process on Taleo Cloud Consulting aspects. After the course completion, there will be a few sessions to assist you in resume preparation, mock interviews and whatever guidance you need. We will help you to leverage your current experience and learning to get on to your next move in your career. IQST also offers corporate training if your organization wishes to train its employees on Oracle Taleo processes and responsibilities.

For more details or to enrol into our Online training course, please contact our helpdesk at


User Administration

  • creation of user accounts and setting up User Types
  • User Groups(Coverage Area associated to OLF) and Config Profile
  • Setting up Organization, Location and Hierarchy
  • Setting up Functional Roles and Hierarchial Roles

Taleo Recruitment

  • Introduction To Taleo
  • Taleo Recruitment Concepts
  • Requisition Management
  • Requisition Creation
  • Requisition Approval
  • Requisition Posting
  • Ownership & Collaboration
  • Requisition Search
  • Pre-screening & Disqualification Questions
  • Posting & Sourcing
  • Internal Career Section
  • Agents, Agencies
  • Employee Referral
  • Job Boards (Naukri, LinkedIn, Monster)
  • Candidate Management
  • Candidate Creation

Taleo Onboarding

  • Components of an On boarding (Transitions) Process
  • Benefits of Effective New Hire Processes
  • Analyze, Design and create a New Hire (On boarding) Process
  • Create Steps and Transitions in a Process
  • Create Different Task actions
  • Create steps for Tasks and add to a process
  • Create User defined fields and user defined selections
  • Create user defined forms, correspondence and Content Pages
  • Final Tasks, steps and Transitions
  • Career sections Task tab
  • Live demo of an end to end Onboarding Process

Candidate Files

  • Creation of various candidate Files based on candidate and Job submission
  • Personalized list formats
  • Duplicate check, Background verification, configuring Confidential fields (SSN, DOB)
  • Capture Referral information.

Candidate Selection Workflows

  • Creating and customization CSW based on OLF, staffing type and automatic association to Requisitions
  • Defining Steps and Actions based on the requisition process
  • Auto email generated, capturing comments and gathering Qualifier reasons
  • Access to the candidates based on User typesetting, Hide from search and prevent advancing features
  • Configure manual/ Dynamic approval in complex scenarios
  • Simplifying the process using Next Action buttons or short cut icons.
  • Integration with passport vendors
  • Integration with Job Boards
  • Integration with Screening Services

Career Sections

  • Building themes, Branding and logos for the career site
  • Designing various application flows based on the requisition process and candidate files
  • Configuring various Career Portal Settings for the career site
  • Configuring emails and Message Center
  • Social media integration

Offer Functionality

  • Configuring Offer Fields and Forms
  • Usage of RSOffer Step
  • Configuring Offer letters, permissions and settings
  • Standard and Advanced E-Offer

Managing Tasks

  • Candidate
  • Recruitment Team
  • IT Team
  • Candidate Management
  • New Hire Forms
  • Candidate Welcome
  • Notification & Reminders
  • Coordinating between different teams

What is the duration of the training?

The course will be completed within 45 days to 60 days based on the what kind of schedules is chosen by you.

Will I get help on preparation for Interviews?

Yes. There will be discussion on interview preparation. Course also includes a final workshop session to revise all the topics, discuss on interview questions, certain assignments.

Will I get help on preparation for Certification?

Yes, the topics covered in the training would include almost all the topics related to certification. You should spend some dedicated time once after the training is over to prepare for the certification. You need to buy a voucher to appear for the certification offered by Oracle. You can find more details here .

Will I get access to Oracle Taleo Cloud Cloud instance?


Will I get a job after the Oracle Oracle Taleo Cloud training?

Oracle Oracle Taleo Cloud is new in the market and offered on cloud by industry leading company Oracle. There are very few people in the market and several openings. Hence, it is expected to have less competition when you go for interviews. Hence, it should be easier to get a job in Oracle Taleo Cloud. We will also refer your profile wherever possible. We are there to provide all kind of assistance for your interview preparation.

There is a buzz about Machine Learning and AI. What is the future for Oracle Oracle Taleo Cloud?

Machine learning and AI are not competitors for Oracle Taleo Cloud. They are technical solutions that can be consumed by any product. Probably, Oracle will only try to leverage those technologies to make Oracle Taleo Cloud service smarter in future. You will be part of that journey being a Oracle Taleo Cloud consultant.

How long Oracle Taleo Cloud technology will sustain?

Oracle Taleo Cloud one of the major cloud offerings from Oracle. We believe, it is also vital for Oracle, as a business strategy, to make cloud services successful and sustainable solution to be as market leader. According to the trend, it’s obvious that Oracle is focusing on cloud services and recommending the clients to up take Oracle Taleo Cloud services instead of on-premise solutions. Hence, we believe, Oracle Taleo Cloud will be there in the market for several years. We believe, Oracle will be adding more and more feature and make it sustainable.

I am MBA graduate with HR specialization. Is Oracle Taleo Cloud a right choice?

Yes, Oracle Taleo Cloud implementation is majorly driven by functional tasks. That is one of the primary improvements over its predecessor, Oracle Apps. Since you have HR functional knowledge through your MBA experience, that would be added advantage while learning and working with Oracle Taleo Cloud. You need to capitalize on your functional knowledge and leverage that during your interviews too. You should learn Oracle Taleo Cloud product and also understand the process followed in implementation. This will be taught as part of the training.

I am an HR recruiter not from technical background. Is Oracle Taleo Cloud a right choice?

Yes, Oracle Taleo Cloud implementation is majorly driven by functional tasks. Since you have HR recruitment functional experience, that would be added advantgae while learning and working with Oracle Taleo Cloud. You need to capitalize on your functional experience and leverage that during your interviews too. You should learn Oracle Taleo Cloud product and also understand the process followed in implementation, which is missing in your present job. This will be taught as part of the training.

Do I need to have technical background to learn Oracle Taleo Cloud?

No, technical backgrond is not required to work with Taleo Cloud. Most of the implementation tasks are functional and can be achieved through Oracle Taleo user interface and configuration tools.

Do I need to learn Fusion HCM after Oracle Taleo Cloud?

It is not mandatory to learn Fusion HCM after Oracle Taleo. There is specialized roles just based on Oracle Taleo Cloud.

How Oracle Taleo is different from Oracle Fusion HCM?

Oracle taleo is mainly focused around Talent acquisition. That means, finding the right candidates for an openining and hire them. Whereas Fusion HCM is mainly focused on all other aspects of human resource management. Please refer Fusion HCM for more details.

What kind of role can I expect after I learn Oracle Oracle Taleo Cloud?

You will have an opportunity to be part of a team of Oracle Taleo Cloud implementation and customization practice teams in software companies like Infosys, Wipro, Capgemni, Accenture, Oracle and many other small, medium and large software services organizations. The consultants are usually called Oracle Oracle Taleo Cloud functional consultants.

What is Oracle Taleo?

Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service allows you to: Gain strategic talent insights with a single view of talent across all processes. Find, hire, and onboard the best talent available. Align your people to organizational objectives, measure performance, and provide critical coaching and feedback every day. Improve the quality of your workforce, help employees develop career paths, and create actionable development plans. Build your leadership pipeline, deepen bench strength, and ensure business continuity Courtesy: Oracle Taleo Cloud Service

What is the course fee?

Please contact IQ Stream Technologies for details on the fee.

Who should take this Oracle Taleo training?

Oracle Taleo training program is designed for professionals who are part of talent acquisition, or involved in the appraisal process or act as mentors to junior employees can do this training.

What are the prerequisites for taking the Oracle Taleo training?

As such, there are no prerequisites for taking the Oracle Taleo training. However, if you’ve basic knowledge of Oracle along with the basics of computer technology, taking this program will get easy.

Why should I go for the Oracle Taleo Training?

Oracle Taleo certification is a readily recognized benchmark globally. This certification will present your technical knowledge of Taleo. When you go for this training program, you gain exposure to a range of important functions, features, and tasks that are used in organizations. With this certification, you can enjoy many benefits, such as increased Oracle Taleo job opportunities, high salaries, career stability, etc.

Is Oracle Taleo different from Oracle Fusion HCM?

Yes, both these solutions differ in several ways. Oracle Taleo primarily focuses on Talent acquisition and related aspects. In particular, it helps in finding the right candidates and hiring them. Fusion HCM, on the contrary, focuses on all other aspects of human resource management.

Do I need to learn Fusion HCM after Oracle Taleo Cloud for job prospects?

No, it is not mandatory. There are specialized roles that are entirely based on Oracle Taleo Cloud around which you can build your career easily.

What is the duration of the Oracle Taleo training?

The course will be completed within 45 days to 50 hours. Although, it might extend a little based on the schedule you chose.

Can I attend a Demo Session?

Yes, we will Schedule a Demo Session as per your convenience.

Want to pursue Oracle Taleo training? Join IQ Stream Technologies for experiencing one of the best Oracle Taleo online learning programs.

Shakti Goyal

    • 4.7
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
It’s been pleasure taking the course of OIC at IQ Stream.
Our trainer is very good, he conducted the training very professionally (thank you so much). I’ll defiantly recommend this to my friends. !

ABduL MaNaf

    • 4.7
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

Great place to study tally…very good environment.. The tutor is extremely kind and supportive… The other staffs were also helpful and friendly…

Noor Basha

    • 4.7
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

This is Noor Basha I did my Oracle fusion financials under the guidence of Santosh Sir and it’s the fact that I really enjoyed learning at IQStream. Specially mentioning about Bhaskar and santosh are very professional & helped me a lot. When I have joined the course Bhaskar and Santosh have provided advice and guidance. It helped me to find what I truly want to do with my career and where I want to go in the next few years. For that, I thank to both.

I am very grateful to Santosh (trainer) for sharing your experience, expertise and wisdom in the hardest class I’ve had to date, yet one of my favorites. You challenged me to reach higher and further than I thought I could, finding the just-right-challenge between pushing me to be better, encouraging us, and inspiring us as future clinicians. You are appreciated, and hope you feel encouraged as an educator and proud of the work you’ve done with our class. All the concepts and modules were cleared @ IQStream really worked beyond my expectation for me. The Santosh (trainer) is very experienced and provided reference to all real time scenarios. The management is very professional and helpful! They provide support outside the class too.

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