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Fusion Technical & Oracle Integration Cloud Training

Main goal of this course is to become familar with creating integrations on Oracle Integration Cloud. Knowing Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) can make you relevant in Oracle SaaS/Fusion.

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) has become de-facto standard for Integrations on Oracle Cloud. OIC is a complete, lightweight and secure integration solution from Oracle that enables you to integrate applications on the cloud. It makes the whole approach of integration simpler, you can achieve integrations among the applications residing in Oracle cloud, on-premise and other cloud providers.

Oracle provides adapters for Oracle SaaS applications like Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle E-Business Suite and so on. It also provides adapters for Non Oracle SaaS like Salesforce, Google Cloud services etc. OIC also has adapters for various technologies.

OIC supports creating connections using either application specific adapters like mentioned above, using generic adapters like SOAP and REST, using technology adapters like File, FTP, Database, AQ, JMS etc.

Oralce Integration Cloud makes the integration between On-premise and cloud seamless with the help of Agent approach. There might be several situations where your on-premise applications do not expose any web services, or the services exposed are not available on a public IP. OIC Agent approach will enable to bring any of your on-premise applications into the Integration solution on OIC. You can communicate to a on-premise database, file system etc. in the OIC integration solutions.

OIC also comes with powerful orchestration features similar to Oracle SOA-BPEL orchestration. It provides multiple integration approaches like Basic Routing, App based and Scheduled Orchestration, Publish and Subscribe Events. Solution providers can choose the right approach based on the use case to simplify the solution.

OIC provides most of the powerful features of Oracle SOA and makes it simplified by completely eliminating the overhead of maintaining on-premise Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW) infrastucture like Weblogic/SOA server, JDeveloper IDE etc. It's one stop solution where you get everything on OIC for building an integration to taking to live. It's so simple that, just build and activate, your solution will be live. It's completely hazel free and simple.

This is a boon for Oracle Apps Technical Consultants to make foot print in Oracle SaaS/Fusion Technical and Integration activities by leveraging all your prior knowledge and experience of ERP.

Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai

IQ Stream Technologies is one of the top Oracle Integration Cloud Training institutes in Bangalore BTM with highly experienced and skilled trainers. IQ Stream Technologies also offering Oracle Integration Cloud online training for Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai students.

Marathahalli, Hebbal, KR Puram, Whitefield

Main highlights of our Oracle Fusion HCM Training in Bangalore (BTM Layout), Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai are top classrooms, advanced syllabus, fast learning enhanced strategy etc. The course is organized into to three major parts First part is to get knowledge on Oracle ADF Technology. Second part is to explore Oracle SOA Technology. The Third part is on Fusion Applications.

5 Star Reviews & Ratings

Reviewed By: Tharani Dharan
Reviewed Date: March, 2018
I took Fusion HCM training at IQ Stream Technologies.They have good teaching staff like Mr.Sachin and Bhaskar. The management is very professional and helpful, Affordable fees and quality courses offered.

Reviewed By: Zaki
Reviewed Date: March, 2018
I attended the Oracle Cloud Fusion session in IQ Stream Technologies. Sachin is the Trainer and the Training was good. The trainer explained the fundamental concepts very clearly and showed the roadmap of how to independently explore deeper into details.

Reviewed By: Naresh Bogavaram
Reviewed Date: March, 2018
The best thing i like at IQ stream is the personalized care that the trainers take to make me understand concepts well. The experienced trainers make it easy to learn.

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Part1 - Oracle Fusion Cloud

Introduction o Fusion Applications

• Introduction to Fusion Applications
• Architecture of Fusion Applications
• Overview and Accessing Fusion Applications UI
• Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER)

Manual Migration & Integration in Fusion Apps Cloud

• Explore Migration and Inbound Integration methods
• Inbound Integration with File Based Data Import (FBDI)

Automation of Migration & Integration in Fusion Apps Cloud

• Using SOAP UI to access Fusion Apps SOA Services
• FBDI Automation using OIC Orchestration Integration
• FBDI Automation using SOAP UI
• Automation of Web Service invocation
• Overview of Outbound Integration methods
• Outbound Integration with Financial Extracts
• Automation of Financial Extracts


• Building OTBI Reports in Fusion Cloud
• OTBI Report as Dashboard using various reporting components
• Building Custom Reports using BI Publisher in Fusion Cloud
• Publishing the BI Report to Email and UCM
• Extract Data from Fusion Cloud through BI reports using SOAP UI
• Extract Data from Fusion Cloud through BI reports using OIC Orchestration Integration

Fusion Cloud UI Customization

• Overview of Runtime customization in Fusion Apps
• Overview Sandbox
• Various ways of Customizing User Interface pages in Fusion Apps Cloud
• Integrating a new User Interface Page in Fusion Apps Cloud
• Flex Fields
• Lookups
• Value Sets

Oracle Enterprise Scheduler (OES)

• Creating a Job in Fusion Apps
• Scheduling a Job using ESS
• Verify the Results of the Executed Job
• Trigger the job by accessing Fusion SOA Service through SOAP UI
• Trigger the job by accessing Fusion SOA Service through Java

Oracle Universal Contenent Management (UCM) - File Import and Export

• Publishing BI reports to UCM
• Publishing Scheduled Job output to UCM
• Accessing UCM
• Searching for required files in UCM

Part2 - Oracle Integration Cloud


Overiew of Oracle Cloud
Introduction to Various Oracle Cloud Offerings (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
Overview of Oracle Fusion Middeware
Architecture of Oracle Fusion Applictions
Web Services (SOAP/REST)

OIC Architecture

OIC Features
Integrations (Connecting Applications)
Process Builder (Automating Business Processes)
Visual Builder (Developing Applications)

OIC Instance

First Time Access to Oracle Cloud, My Services & Integration Cloud
Provisioning OIC Instance
Maintaining OIC Instance

Basic Workflow

Various components of OIC
Adapters, Connections, Integrations, Designer

Pre-packaged Components

Simple use case of Integration using REST/SOAP
Prebuilt Integrations
Oracle Market Place (Oracle Created & 3rd Party)
Prebuilt Connections
Downloading/Importing & Using Prebuilt integrations

Maintenance of Integrations

Packaging Integrations
Viewing/Creating/Exporting Packages
Versioning Integrations
Activation/Deactivation of Integrations
Monitoring Integrations, Activity Stream, Agents & Schedules
Tracking messages

Adapters & Connections

Oracle Cloud Adapters
Packaged Adapters
Creating Connections
Connection Properties (Triggering & Invoking) and Security
Configuring Oracle Applications Cloud Adapter
Configuring non-Oracle SAAS Adapters Definition
Configuring SOAP Adapter
Configuring REST Adapter
Configuring Database Adapter


OIC Message Exchange Patterns (Synchronous, Asynchronous & Event Based)
Adapters & Message Exchange Patterns
OIC Supported Integration Patterns

Integration Patterns

Basic Routing
App Driven Orchestration
Scheduled Orchestration
Publish to OIC
Subscribe to OIC
File Transfer

Defining Integrations

Integration Designer Overview
Creating Integration
Defining Trigger/Source Connection
Defining Invoke/Target Connection
Data Mapping
Tracking Fields
Adding Enrichments
Activating & Testing Integrations (Generate WSDL)

Data Mapping

Data Transformations
Visual Mapping
XPath functions
Advanced Mappings (Jdev XSLT Editor)
Lookups (Map Code Values)

Content-Based Routing

Define Content Based Routing
Adding Filter & Routing Expressions
Routing Path & Mapping Data


App Driven vs Scheduled Orchestration
Creating Orchestration
Define Trigger & Invoke Sections
Oracle BPEL Process Manager Activities
Activities Related Data
Assign, Function Call, Map & Stage File
Iterations and Complex Logic Activities
For-each, While, Switch & Scope
Logger, Note, Notification & Wait
Stop, Call-back, Fault Return, Return, Raise Error

Fault/Error Handlers

Overview Fault
Importance of Faults over returning simple error codes
Define a Fault
How to determine if a Service has ability to throw Fault
How to throw a Fault
How to cach Fault
Supress and Re throw Fault
Compensation Handler
Error Hospital


Defining Integration Schedule
Managing Integration Schedule
Monitoring Integration Schedule

Security, Users Roles & Privileges

ERP Integration

FBDI Approach
How to find a template for a specific functional FBDI
Manual Steps involved in FBDI Bulk Import
FBDI - End to end Integration using OIC/Orchestration
Upload File to UCM
Schedule Import Job
Get status of the Process