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Calendar Events in Oracle Fusion HCM

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In Fusion HCM, Public Holidays are defined as Calendar Events which are linked to a country or locations via a Geography Tree. A global work schedule is then defined with the Public Holidays specified as Exceptions. A calendar event is an event, such as a public holiday or plant closure, on which working time may be affected. Calendar events are optional. You specify the geographical or organizational hierarchy to which workers affected by the calendar event must belong. Enroll for a free demo of Fusion HCM online training here.

The hierarchy must exist before you load the associated calendar events. This topic describes aspects of calendar events that you must understand to load them successfully using HCM Data Loader. It also provides examples showing how to load calendar events.

This example CalendarEvent.dat file creates both a public holiday for Christmas Day and a half-day event for elapsed work schedules. It identifies the calendar events by their source keys.


MERGE|CalendarEvent|CPTAS6||PH|G|TAS6|2017/07/11 08:00:00|2017/07/11 12:30:00|WFMTL_Global|PER_GEO_TREE_STRUCTURE|WFMTL Bank Geography Version 1|Y

MERGE|CalendarEvent|Christmas Day 2017||PH|G|XMAS2017|2017/12/25 08:00:00|2017/12/25

You can delete a calendar event unless it’s assigned to a work schedule. This example CalendarEvent.dat file deletes a calendar event. It identifies the calendar event by its source key.



When you create a calendar event, you determine which set of workers the event must apply to. You must use one of these

Types of hierarchies to determine coverage:

• Organizational

• Geographic

You create calendar events using the Manage Calendar Events task in the Setup and Maintenance work area. You create

The organizational or geographical hierarchies using the Manage Trees task in the Workforce Structures work area. For the hierarchy to be visible when you create a calendar event, you must ensure that the hierarchy is active.

Person number in oracle fusion HCM

Person number is generated when the person is created in the system. It is unique id of any person record. It is created at Enterprise level.

We can say, person number is the base feature in the enterprise. Each person has one-person record. Person Number can be allocated automatically or manually based on Person generation method you select. We can select one of the following person number generation methods for your enterprise on the Edit Enterprise page of the Manage Enterprise HCM Information task in the Setup and Maintenance work area:


Automatic prior to submission

Automatic upon final save

Manual: You can use the Manual method to manually enter a person number when creating person records. You can update person numbers in the Manage Person page.

Automatic prior to submission: The Automatic prior to submission method automatically creates person numbers when creating person records. This method is the default method for person number generation.

The Automatic prior to submission method may create gaps in the person number sequence if the transaction is cancelled after the person number is generated.

Automatic upon final save: The Automatic upon final save method creates person numbers only after the Add Person transaction is approved. You can’t view the person number when creating the person record. However, you can view the person number on the Person page after the transaction is approved. This method generates person numbers without gaps in the sequence.

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