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Area of Responsibility in Oracle Fusion HCM

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The meaning of Areas of Responsibility as the word suggests means the various work-streams an individual is responsible to take care of. Enroll for a free demo of Fusion HCM online training here to learn more about area of responsibility in Fusion HCM.

You can assign a responsibility to a person and define the scope of the responsibility by identifying the people for whom the person has the responsibility; the person then appears in the Work Contacts list of those people. For example, you can assign a worker the Human Resources (HR) Representative responsibility and define the scope as people in a specific organization or department hierarchy. Select the Include in work contacts option for the worker to appear as a HR representative in the Work Contacts list of those people. To assign responsibilities, use the Areas of Responsibility quick action on the My Client Groups tab.

If you assign the same responsibility to multiple people, overlap between scopes may occur. For example, you define the scope of the HR Representative responsibility for person A using an organization hierarchy. You define the scope of the HR Representative responsibility for person B using a supervisor hierarchy. The scopes overlap because some workers appear in both hierarchies. These workers then have both A and B as their HR representatives.

Work relationship table in oracle fusion HCM

A work relationship defines how a person and legal employer are related.

The work relationship is created when you use any of these processes:

  • Hire
  • Rehire
  • Global Transfer
  • Global Temporary Assignment
  • Create Work Relationship

The primary work relationship and assignment are the most significant for a person in terms of working hours, assignment status, pay, benefits, and many other aspects

When a person leaves the organization, you terminate their work relationship. The work relationship becomes inactive but the person record remains active. So when you rehire the person, the application identifies the person and lets you select the existing person and create a new work relationship (for example, pending worker, employee, or contingent worker).

You can use the cancel work relationship process if you want to completely remove an existing work relationship because of a business requirement. For example, you may need to cancel a work relationship in these scenarios:

You want to remove a pending worker or employment work relationship when the worker doesn’t join the organization.

You want to change the start date or legal employer of a global transfer or global temporary assignment. Since the application doesn’t allow this change directly on the work relationship page, you must first cancel the work relationship that was created as part of the global transfer or global temporary assignment. You can then redo the global transfer or create a global temporary assignment using the date and legal employer you want.

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