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AR Receipt Reversal via Web Service

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In this article will take about the AR Receipt reversal solution. As you all know in case AR Receipt needs to be reversed there is no out of the box solution. It needs to be handled via web service once transactions are applied. I am using the SOAP UI program to handle web service for the below demo, join here to watch a free video demo of AR Receipt Reversal and for other Fusion Financials training here . Before performing the activity, kindly take note of the below points

1.      User whose credentials are used in SOAP UI should have required privileges for receipt reversal

2.      GL date should be in Open or Future Enterable period

3.      As a good practice, unapply all the transaction from the receipt that needs to be reversed.

Lets start with the procedure and steps:

Step 1 : Start SOAP UI and put the below URL by replacing server name with Fusion Instance

https://<SERVER URL>/fscmService/StandardReceiptService?WSD

Step 2> Click below-highlighted Request to edit the XML

Step 3> Replace the XML with below XML

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=”” xmlns:typ=”” xmlns:com=””>












           <com:ReversalReasonCode>PAYMENT REVERSAL</com:ReversalReasonCode>


           <com:ReversalComments>Test Comments</com:ReversalComments>


           <com:BusinessUnit>Tata Business Unit</com:BusinessUnit>      






Parameters Definition:

Receipt Number: Receipt that needs to be reversed

Reversal Code: Code from the lookup for reversal

Reversal Date: Reversal date for the transaction (YYYY-MM-DD)

Reversal GL date: Date to reflect on accounts(YYYY-MM-DD)

Reversal Category: Category for reversal

Reversal Comments: Free Text field for recording any comments on the receipt

Business Unit: BU to which receipt belongs

Step 4: Enter Credentials in the below window:

Step 5 > After entering credentials on the XML window select below highlighted options and click Run

Step 6> If successful in the right side window, code will be printer 1:1 else it will throw an error message. In case there is error rectify it which can be handled via error message which is printed.

Step 7 > Check the status of the receipt in Fusion



Step 8: In the activity window we can check the details of the transaction

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