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AutoAccounting Rules In Oracle Fusion

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Auto accounting is used in conjunction with the GL Accounting Key Flexfield. It is used by Oracle Fusion Receivables to derive the segment values (such as Company, Account, Department) for the GL accounts. Autoaccounting is called when creating transactions manually or through Autoinvoice. It is used for Invoices, Credit Memos and Debit Memos.

Auto accounting is derived for multiple accounting types as below:

  • Autoinvoice Clearing
  • Freight
  • Receivable
  • Revenue 
  • Tax 
  • Unbilled Receivable
  • Unearned Revenue

Sources of each account type can be derived from multiple areas

To explain in layman’s language, in example below.

  • Company segment will always be 101 since it is a constant value
  • Department segment can be taken from any the setup from given list of value.

Below are the sources provided by Oracle for different Account class:

Autoinvoice ClearingSalesreps
Standard Lines
Transaction Types
Standard Lines
Transaction Types
Transaction Types
Standard Lines
Transaction Types
Standard Lines
Transaction Types
Unbilled ReceivableSalesreps
Standard Lines
Transaction Types
Unearned RevenueSalesreps
Standard Lines
Transaction Types

Different Sources setup to derive Accounts

  • Transaction Types:

Setup : Manage Transaction Type

  • Salesperson

Setup : Manage Salesperson Account References

  • Bill- to Site

Add Reference account on Customer Site

  • Standard Line
  • Sales account on inventory

b. Memo Line

Tax Accounts

In case , Oracle is not able to derive account from auto accounting it will still allow to create transaction but give error message as below;

In this case, account has to be manually entered on transaction by clicking

Actions > Edit Distribution

Once account is entered, transaction can be processed further for accounting.

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