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Oracle Fusion Financial Training

Oracle ADF 12C (ADF Faces and ADF BC, Overview of Fusion)

IQ Stream Technologies is one of the top Oracle Fusion Financial Training institutes in Bangalore with highly experienced and skilled trainers. IQ Stream Technologies Bangalore also offers placement assistance for students who enrolled in Advanced Oracle Fusion Financials Training Courses. We offer advanced Oracle Fusion Financial learning experiences like Workspace in Oracle Fusion Financials, Various Roles in Oracle Fusion Applications Security, Use of Multiple Balancing Segments in Fusion General Ledger etc and advanced tools for better learning, understanding and experience.

Expert Fusion Financial Training Institute in Bangalore

Become and Expert in Oracle Fusion Financial with IQ Stream Technologies' advanced DBA learning programmes. Main highlights of our Oracle Fusion Financial Training include Upgrading from Oracle Applications to Oracle Fusion (Strategy & Execution using FSM), Steps to Perform Revaluation in Fusion Application, Smart View Components and Smart View Panel in Fusion Applications, Free Live Server Access, Intensive Practical Training, Advanced Learning Materials & Tools, Friendly Classrooms etc. IQ Stream Technologies offer beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons for you to become an expert in the area.

Oracle Fusion Financial Training

Oracle ADF is an end-to-end Java EE framework that simplifies application development by providing out-of-the-box infrastructure services and a visual and declarative development experience.

Built on top of the MVC-based JavaServer Faces framework, Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) forms the foundation for WebCenter Portal's components and services. ADF is an innovative, yet mature Java EE development framework available from Oracle, and, unlike most other frameworks, is directly supported and enabled by the award winning development environment, Oracle Jdeveloper.

ADF provides unified access to back-end technologies like databases, web services, XML, CSV, BPEL, and many more. Furthermore, ADF provides data binding to connect UI with back-end data controls.Out of the box, ADF provides more than 100 data aware, JSF view components. The fine-grained JAAS security model gives developers and administrators full control over all aspects of application security.

This course helps in developing full-fledged Enterprise Applications using ADF and also helps the Oracle Apps Consultants to understand overview of Fusion Applications and make first step towards Design time customization using ADF.

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• There will be theory, demo, assignments on every topic.
• A lot of focus will be put for getting hands-on practice.
• As part of the course, an end-to-end project will be done by the students.

Fusion Financials Training Syllabus


• Introduction to ERP
• Basic Accounting
• Financial Statements
• Case Study and Financial Business Processes
• Introduction to Oracle Fusion Financials

Introduction to Implementing Oracle Fusion Financials

• Overview of the Functional Setup Manage
• Implementation Overview
• Browsing and Configuring Offerings

Fusion Security Overview

• Security Overview
• Create a User
• Create an Employee

Configuring Oracle Fusion General Ledger

• Define Chart of Account
• Define Calendar
• Define Ledgers
• Define Security – Assign Roles
• Open the Accounting Period and test GL setup

Configuring Oracle Accounts Payables

• Creating Business Units
• Create Bank Accounts
• Configure Common Options for Payables and Procurement
• Configure
• Invoice Options
• Payments Options
• Payment Terms
• Payment Documents
• Payment Process Profiles
• Distributions Sets
• Create Procurement Agents
• Define Security for Payables – Assign Roles
• Test Payables setup
• Create Supplier
• Create Payables Invoice and run Create Accounting Job
• Make a Payment
• View Accounting

Configuring Oracle Accounts Receivables

• Receivables System Options
• Receivables Activities
• AutoAccounting Rules
• Transactions Types
• Transactions Sources
• Remit-to- Address
• Banks
• Receipt Sources
• Test AR Setup
• Create Customer
• Create Invoice
• Create Receipt
• Run Create Accounting and Post to GL

Configuring Fusion Cash Management

• Banks Creation
• Bank Statements and Reconciliation

Configuring Fusion Assets

Other Topics

• Flexfields (DFF, KFF, EFF)
• Reference Data Sets
• Oracle Transaction Business Intelligence (OTBI)
• File Based Data Import
• ADF Desktop Integration (ADF DI)

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