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Getting Started with Your Fusion SCM Implementation

To start your implementation of the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Materials Management (MSCMM), you must first sign in to the application and navigate to the Setup and Maintenance work area. To do this:
1. Go to the Oracle Cloud Applications URL and sign in with the user name and password provided by the applications system administrator.
2. On the Welcome page, select Setup and Maintenance from the Navigator.

Implementing the MSCMM Functional Areas

The steps to implement the MSCMM functional areas are:
1. Click Setup.
2. On the Setup: Manufacturing and Supply Chain Materials Management page, select Change Configuration.
3. On the Configure: Manufacturing and Supply Chain Materials Management page, select Enable for Implementation for the following functional areas under Manufacturing and Supply Chain Materials Management:
Cost and Profit Planning
4. Click Done

Provisioning Roles to the Implementation User

Ensure that the implementation user has the necessary roles to implement Oracle Fusion Manufacturing. For details including the latest navigation steps, refer the section Application Security Console in the guide, SCM Cloud Implementing Common Features for Oracle SCM Cloud.
To add roles:
1. Click the functional area for Initial Users.
2. In the Initial Users region of the page, select All Tasks from the Show list of values.
3. Select Create Implementation Users.
4. In the Application Security Console page, enter the user name that you want to search.
5. Edit the user to add the following roles:
Cost Accountant
Inventory Manager
Product Data Steward
Manufacturing Engineer
Production Operator
Production Supervisor
Warehouse Manager

Create Locations for Inventory and Manufacturing

A location identifies the physical addresses of a plant. You associate a location with inventory and manufacturing organizations. The locations that you create exist as separate structures that you can use for reporting.
The steps to create locations are:
1. Sign in to the Fusion Applications Setup and Maintenance Work Area again and select Manufacturing and Supply Chain Materials Management.
2. Click Setup.
3. Select the Enterprise Profile functional area.
4. In the Enterprise Profile section, in the Show list of values select All Tasks.
5. Select Manage Locations and click Create.
6. On the Create Location page, enter information in the following required fields:
Effective Start Date
Location Set
Address Line 1
Zip Code
When you enter the Zip Code, the City, State, and County are populated automatically.
7. Click Submit and click Yes to confirm that you want to continue with the request.
8. Click OK.
9. On the Manage Locations page, click Done to return to the Setup and Maintenance work area

Create Inventory and Manufacturing Organizations Using Quick Setup

The Manage SCM Common Components Quick Setup defines the required and common tasks in the following functional areas:
Inventory Management
Manufacturing Master Data
To do this:
1. On the Setup and Maintenance page, select the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Materials Management offering, if it is not already selected.
2. Click Setup.
3. On the Setup: Manufacturing and Supply Chain Materials Management page, click the Quick Setup icon available against the Facilities functional area.
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