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Oracle Fusion Technical Training

Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai


if you are looking for Fusion Technical with Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC/ICS), please refer Oracle Integration Cloud and Fusion Training

IQ Stream Technologies is one of the top Oracle Fusion Technical Training institutes in Bangalore BTM with highly experienced and skilled trainers. IQST also offers online fusion technical training with expert tutors delivering classes. The Fusion Middleware (Fusion Applications) comprises of two main technologies i.e., Oracle ADF and Oracle SOA. In order to get expertise and utilize the real benefits and advantages of Fusion Applications for extending and integrating with outside world, the technical team needs to have expertise on Oracle ADF and Oracle SOA with advanced approaches of using ADF, SOA and Fusion Applications together to get real power and synergy of the technology. IQ Stream Technologies also offering Fusion Technicals online training for Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai students. Oracle Fusion Cloud Technical Online Training course will enable you to create username/password, Account Receivables (AR), Account Receivables (AR), Rapid Implementation, Data Loading ADF Integrator, etc. IQST also offers Corporate Training for Fusion Technical Cloud courses to improve the knowledge and standard of your employees.

We offer following learning format options for the students to learn advanced concepts comfortably: Training on Demand, Classroom Training, Live Virtual Class, Guided Learning

Marathahalli, Hebbal, KR Puram, Whitefield

Course Overview:

Course NameOracle Fusion Technical Training
Venue IQ Stream Technologies
Official URLOracle Fusion Technical Training
Demo ClassesOn Demand
Training Methodology:25% Theory & 75% Practical
Course Duration40-45 Hours
Class AvailabilityWeekdays & Weekends
Demo TrainingEmail ID :

Main highlights of our Oracle Fusion Technical Training in Bangalore (BTM Layout), Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai are top classrooms, advanced syllabus, fast learning enhanced strategy etc. The course is organized into to three major parts First part is to get knowledge on Oracle ADF Technology. Second part is to explore Oracle SOA Technology. The Third part is on Fusion Applications. In Fusion Online Technical Training Course, we teach you various concepts like Oracle SOA and Integration, Oracle SOA Tools and their interaction, Intalling SOA Dev and Runtime Environment, Undesrtanding the SOA Environment, Creating JDBC Data Source using Weblogic Console, Configuring Adapters (Design Time and Run-time), BPEL (Business Process Execution Language), Designing Business Rule and Integrating Business Rule with BPEL Process etc. Special Oracle Fusion Technical corporate training also delivering at IQ Stream Technologies, Bangalore location. IQST offers Oracle Fusion Technical corporate training if your organization wish to train their employees on Fusion Technical processes and responsibilities

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5 Star Reviews & Ratings

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I took Fusion HCM training at IQ Stream Technologies.They have good teaching staff like Mr.Sachin and Bhaskar. The management is very professional and helpful, Affordable fees and quality courses offered.

Reviewed By: Zaki
Reviewed Date: March, 2018
I attended the Oracle Cloud Fusion session in IQ Stream Technologies. Sachin is the Trainer and the Training was good. The trainer explained the fundamental concepts very clearly and showed the roadmap of how to independently explore deeper into details.

Reviewed By: Naresh Bogavaram
Reviewed Date: March, 2018
The best thing i like at IQ stream is the personalized care that the trainers take to make me understand concepts well. The experienced trainers make it easy to learn.

Nearby Locations: BTM Layout, Jayanagar, JP Nagar, Koramangala, HSR Layout, Bommanahalli

Related Courses

Part1 (Oracle SOA and Integration)


• Introduction to XSD
• Introduction to WSDL and Webservices
• Describe Service Component Architecture (SCA)
• History of Reusability
• History of Web and Integration Technologies
• Overview of Oracle SOA Tools and their interaction
• Overview of Oracle Fusion Middleware and their presence in Oracle Fusion Applications
• Runtime Architecture of SOA

Installation and Setup

• Intall SOA Dev and Runtime Environment
• Undesrtand the SOA Environment
• Understand the various tools involved in SOA

• Relevance of Weblogic in SOA
• Creating JDBC Data Source using Weblogic Console
• Configuring DB and JMS Adapters for outbound connections

Enterprise Service Bus (Mediator)

• Routing
• Transformation (XSLT)
• Filtering
• Subscribe to Events
• Generate Events


• Adapter Architecture (JCA)
• File Adapter
• Database Adapter
• JMS Adapter
• SOAP Adapter
• REST Adapter
• Configure Adapters (Design Time and Run-time)

BPEL (Business Process Execution Language)

• Use BPEL Editor to create BPEL synchronous and asynchronous processes
• Use WSDL partner link types and BPEL partner link elements to interact with services
• Manipulating XML Data in BPEL process
• XSLT Transformation
• Use the Assign activity to manipulate data in BPEL variables
• Using Conditional Branching in a BPEL Process
• Using Repetitive Activities in a BPEL Process
• Switch/if, forEach
• Non-blocking Invocation pattern
• Various Interaction patterns
• Invoking Synchronous Webservice from a BPEL process
• Invoking Asynchronous Webservice from a BPEL process
• Using Fault Handling and Exception in a BPEL Process
• Transactions and Propagating Faults
• Using Business Rules in a BPEL Process
• Using Human Task in a BPEL Process
• Using Adapters in a BPEL Process
• Using Pick Activiity
• Using Invoke, Receive Activities
• Generating Events from a BPEL Process
• Subscribing Events from a BPEL Process

Business Rules

• Design Business Rule
• Create RuleSet
• Create Rules using if/then
• Create Rules using Decision Table
• Define Global Variables
• Define List of Values, List of Range
• Create Decision Service
• Integrate Business Rule with BPEL Process

Human Task Services

• Design a human task
• Configure payload/data for a task
• Deal with different types of Task Assignments
• Single and Multiple Assignments
• Serial and Parallel Stages
• Use ldapconnection to search Users
• Define Task Form (Auto generate)
• Use BPM Worklist to act on tasks

Securing Services

• Describe the role and features of Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM)
• Describe security and identity propagation
• Attach security policies to end points at design-time and run-time
• Use UserNameToken to secure a Service

Part2 (Fusion Apps Technical and Integration)

Introduction o Fusion Applications

• Introduction to Fusion Applications
• Architecture of Fusion Applications
• Overview and Accessing Fusion Applications UI
• Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER)

Manual Migration & Integration in Fusion Apps Cloud

• Explore Migration and Inbound Integration methods
• Inbound Integration with File Based Data Import (FBDI)

Automation of Migration & Integration in Fusion Apps Cloud

• Using SOAP UI to access Fusion Apps SOA Services
• Building Custom Reports using BI Publisher in Fusion Cloud
• Publishing the BI Report to Email and UCM
• Extract Data from Fusion Cloud through BI reports using SOAP UI
• Extract Data from Fusion Cloud through BI reports using Oracle SOA BPEL
• FBDI Automation using Java
• FBDI Automation using SOAP UI
• Automation of Web Service invocation
• Overview of Outbound Integration methods
• Outbound Integration with Financial Extracts
• Automation of Financial Extracts


• Building OTBI Reports in Fusion Cloud
• OTBI Report as Dashboard using various reporting components

Fusion Cloud UI Customization

• Overview of Runtime customization in Fusion Apps
• Overview Sandbox
• Various ways of Customizing User Interface pages in Fusion Apps Cloud
• Integrating a new User Interface Page in Fusion Apps Cloud
• Flex Fields
• Lookups
• Value Sets

Oracle Enterprise Scheduler (OES)

• Creating a Job in Fusion Apps
• Scheduling a Job using ESS
• Verify the Results of the Executed Job
• Trigger the job by accessing Fusion SOA Service through SOAP UI
• Trigger the job by accessing Fusion SOA Service through Java

Oracle Universal Contenent Management (UCM) - File Import and Export

• Publishing BI reports to UCM
• Publishing Scheduled Job output to UCM
• Accessing UCM
• Searching for required files in UCM

Fusion Apps 9i Customization (Not supported in new versions)

• Install Fusion Application Customization Environment
• Fusion Apps ADF Standards
• Desgin time customization of Fusion Apps using ADF

Optional: Part3 (Oracle ADF)

• Introduction and History of Web Technologies
• Introduction to Jdeveloper and ADF
• Building Data Model using ADF BC - EO, VO, AM, VL
• DataControl nd Binding
• Creating UI pages using ADF Faces
• Building LOVs and Enhance the UI
• Building Search Pages using View Criteria
• Building Master-Details UI
• Using various ADF Faces Components
• Defining Taskflows and Navigation
• Programmatic Approach and Managed Beans
• Programmatic Approach in ADF BC


Oracle Fusion Technical Training: 5 Out of 5
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