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Oracle Fusion Technical Training


The Fusion Middleware (Fusion Applications) comprises of two main technologies i.e., Oracle ADF and Oracle SOA. In order to get expertise and utilize the real benefits and advantages of Fusion Applications for extending and integrating with outside world, the technical team needs to have expertise on Oracle ADF and Oracle SOA with advanced approaches of using ADF, SOA and Fusion Applications together to get real power and synergy of the technology.
The course is organized into to three major parts First part is to get knowledge on Oracle ADF Technology. Second part is to explore Oracle SOA Technology. The Third part is on Fusion Applications.

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Part1 (Oracle ADF)

• Introduction and History of Web Technologies
• Introduction to Jdeveloper and ADF
• Building Data Model using ADF BC
• Purpose of DataControl
• Creating UI pages using ADF Faces
• Using various ADF Faces Components
• Defining Taskflows and Navigation
• Programmatic Approach and Managed Beans
• Programmatic Approach in ADF BC

Part2 (Oracle SOA)

• Introduction and History of Re­usability
• SOA Fundamentals
• Building SOA Composite Application using Mediator
• Developing Business Processes using BPEL
• Building Workflows using Human Task
• Event Driven Network (EDN)

Part3 (Fusion Application)

• Overview and Accessing Fusion Applications UI
• Runtime Customization in Fusion Applications
• Install Fusion Application Customization Environment
• Fusion Apps ADF Standards
• Desgin time customization of Fusion Apps using ADF
• Oracle Enterpise Repository (OER)
• Integrating with Fusion Apps with Webservice Data Control in ADF
• Integrating with Fusion Apps with Service Data Object (SDO) in ADF
• Inbound Integration with Fusion Apps using Medaitor and BPEL
• Outbound Integration with Fusion Apps using Oracle SOA Services


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