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How to Getting Inside the Oracle Fusion Instance

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Whilst you sign up for that Oracle fusion Instance, an email gonna be sent to you with your service insides so that starting to use the cloud services by Oracle could be a thing.

For making sure you can get into your service inside:

  1. Crack open that email, don’t forget to roll down to where it says Something about Logging Details.
  2. Do marking of the user name and the passcode, after that, do a click on the linkage that’s been provided.
  3. Putting in the user name and that not-permanent passcode from the email, next thing, do a hit on the Sign In button.

Terms of Subscription:

  • This provides Functional Access to the Fusion Cloud Instance. It can be used for Financials, Supply Chain, Human Capital etc…
  • It does not include SQL access to the Oracle Database.
  • Instance will be down for approx 1 or 2 days in a week for Oracle Maintenance.
  • Oracle may periodically (Weekly or otherwise) refresh and restore to fresh clone. Schedules for maintenance and refresh are NOT announced by Oracle. It is done without notifying the members.
  • In case instance is down or slow for more than 2 days in a week, such excess downtime will be added free to your subscription towards the end.
  • Sometimes Instance can become slow due to some processes running or load on server. In such case, you can wait for some time and try again.
  • It may take up to 24 hours after order and payment confirmation to share instance credentials.
  • The Instance is only for Study and NOT for Business Critical work.
  • Do not share Credentials with any other people.
  • You may Create Users, Assign Roles and Create Implementation Projects as you need for your testing. Please avoid creating too many implementation projects and users.
  • Access to Instance does not include Training in any form (Like Concepts, Navigations, Processes and Any other thing).
  • Access to Instance does not grant ownership licenses to the instance. You are allowed to use/setup/configure the instance on rental / rent / subscription.
  • A Vision or Test Instance will be provided as per availability.
  • The Instances are owned, deployed and maintained by Oracle Corp on their server (cloud)
  • Note: When purchasing instance access for a company or organisation, minimum subscription has to be of 5 users.

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