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Hibernate Training in Bangalore

IQ Stream Technologies is one of the top Hibernate Java training institutes in Bangalore with highly experienced and skilled trainers. IQ Stream Technologies Bangalore also offers placement assistance for students who enrolled in Advanced Hibernate Java Training Courses - Hibernate Java is the most popular object-relational mapping framework for Java environments. We offer basic to advanced Hibernate Java classes, Hibernate Frameworks, Hibernate Configuration and Architecture learning experiences and tools for better learning, understanding and experience. We also offer top quality Hibernate training classes in Bangalore BTM with highly experienced and trained tutors. Our Hibernate Training provides in-depth concepts of Hibernate Framework with simplified examples and real time projects. Hibernate framework simplifies the development of java application to interact with the database. Hibernate is an open source, lightweight, ORM (Object Relational Mapping) tool. Hibernate ORM (Hibernate in short) is an object-relational mapping tool for the Java programming language.

Hibernate Training Institute Bangalore BTM

Learn Java's most popular object-relational mapping framework - Become and Expert in Hibernate Java Application Development with IQ Stream Technologies' advanced Hibernate ORM tool learning programmes and online courses. Main highlights of our Core Hibernate, Hibernate Frameworks, Hibernate Architecture, map Java classes and object associations training courses in Bangalore (BTM Layout) include Intensive Practical Training, Advanced Learning Materials & Tools, Friendly Classrooms etc. IQ Stream Technologies offer beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons for you to become an expert in the area.

Hibernate Training in Bangalore

Course Overview:

Course NameHibernate Java Training
Venue IQ Stream Technologies
Official URLHibernate Java Training
Demo ClassesOn Demand
Training Methodology:25% Theory & 75% Practical
Course Duration40-45 Hours
Class AvailabilityWeekdays & Weekends
Demo TrainingEmail ID :

Hibernate Java Training Location:

IQ Stream Technologies Hibernate Java Training Institute Location: BTM Layout, Bangalore
Mobile : +91 9620196773, +91 8884684156
Landline: +91 80 42073645​
Address: #3, 8/2 Anugraha Complex, 1st E Cross,
20th Main, Maruti Nagar Main Road,
BTM Layout 1st Stage, Bangalore - 560029

Nearby Locations: BTM Layout, Jayanagar, JP Nagar, Koramangala, HSR Layout, Bommanahalli

Hibernate Training Location

Highlights of Our Hibernate Training in Bangalore

- Intensive Practical Training
- Advanced Learning Materials & Tools
- Friendly Classrooms
- Practical Guidance
- Advanced Lab Facility
- Placement Oriented
- Expert and Experienced Trainers

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Advantages of Hibernate Framework

  • Opensource and Lightweight
  • Fast performance
  • Database Independent query: HQL (Hibernate Query Language)
  • Automatic table creation
  • Simplifies complex join
  • Provides query statistics and database status

Hibernate Java Training Syllabus:

Hibernate Training Syllabus

Introduction to Hibernate

  • Issues with Persistence layers and Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)
  • Hibernate Overview and Benefits
  • Hibernate architecture overview
  • POJO (Plain Old Java Object) Based Mapping

Getting started with Hibernate quickly

  • Overview of the Hibernate distribution
  • Configuring Hibernate
  • hibernate.cfg.xml file
  • SessionFactory configuration
  • Connection properties, Database dialect
  • Configuration class, Session Interface
  • "Hello World" Program for Hibernate
  • Mapping a Class
  • Persistent Entity Class, Hibernate Mapping
  • File, Mapping the Entity Class
  • Primary keys: Id property, Generated Id
  • Hibernate Type System
  • Working with sessions and Persistent Objects
  • Logging - log4j Overview and configuration for Hibernate


  • Inserting and Updating Entities
  • HQL - Hibernate Query Language Overview
  • The Query Interface
  • Creating and working with queries
  • Named Queries, Projection Queries, Aggregate Queries

The Persistence Lifecycle

  • Transaction Overview and Transactions in Hibernate
  • Hibernate Transaction API (in Managed and Non-managed Environments)
  • The lifecycle of managed objects
  • Persistent, transient, and detached objects
  • The Persistence (Session) Context (Lifespan, Relation to Managed Objects,
  • Propagation)
  • Contextual Sessions
  • Synchronization to the Database
  • The Session as cache

Optimistic Locking / Versioning

  • Detached Objects and Optimistic Locking
  • Versioning overview and Using Versioning
  • Locking Objects


  • Object Relationship Overview
  • Mapping Collections of Value Objects
  • Entity Relationships: 1-N, N-1, N-N, 1-1
  • Mapping Entity Relationships
  • Uni and Bi-directional Relationships
  • The Relationship "inverse"
  • Cascading Over Relationships
  • Queries Across Relationships (Lazy and Eager)

Inheritance Mapping

  • Entity Inheritance with Hibernate
  • Table-per-class mapping
  • Table per Subclass mapping
  • Table per Concrete Class mapping

Additional Querying Capabilities

  • Projection Queries, Aggregate queries
  • Bulk updates and deletes
  • Native SQL Queries
  • Query Filters

The Criteria API

  • Overview of the Criteria API
  • Working Querying with the Criteria API
  • Query by Example

Hibernate and Java Persistence / EJB 3

  • Overview of Java Persistence / EJB 3
  • Relationship between Java Persistence and Hibernate
  • Overview of Annotations
  • Mapping Entities with Hibernate Annotations
  • The EntityManager, Persistence Context and Persistence Unit
  • Working with Transactions - EntityTransaction, Managed, and Unmanaged Environments
  • Inserts and Updates
  • JPQL - Java Persistence Query Language
  • Versioning
  • Relationships

Advanced Topics

  • Components and Multi-Table Mapping
  • equals() and hashCode()
  • Caching and Efficiency
  • Design Considerations
  • HB Introduction open link
  • HB Architecture
  • Understanding First HB application
  • Hibernate in IDE
  • HB in Eclipse
  • HB in MyEclipse
  • Hibernate Example
  • HB with annotation
  • HB Web application
  • HB Generator classes
  • HB Dialects
  • Hibernate Log4j
  • HB with Log4j
  • 1HB with Log4j 2
  • Inheritance Mapping
  • Inheritance Mapping
  • Table Per Hierarchy
  • TPH using Annotation
  • Table Per Concrete
  • TPC using Annotation
  • Table Per Subclass
  • TPS using Annotation
  • Collection Mapping
  • Collection Mapping
  • Mapping List
  • One-to-many by List
  • OTM Annotation
  • Mapping Bag
  • One-to-many by Bag
  • Mapping Set
  • One-to-many by Set
  • Mapping Map
  • Many-to-many by Map
  • BidirectionalLazy Collection
  • Component Mapping
  • Component Mapping
  • Association Mapping
  • One-to-one 1One-to-one 2
  • Tx Management
  • Tx Management
  • HQL
  • HQL
  • HCQL
  • HCQL
  • Named Query
  • Named Query
  • Hibernate Caching
  • Hibernate Caching
  • Second Level Cache
  • Second Level Cache
  • Integration
  • Hibernate and StrutsHibernate and Spring
  • Hibernate Interview
  • Interview Questions


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