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Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator (CCSA)

Basic knowledge of networking
Windows Server and/or UNIX skills
Internet and TCP/IP experience

Introduction to Checkpoint Technologies

• What’s new in checkpoint Firewall
• Checkpoint’s Architecture
• Implementing 3 tier Architecture of checkpoint

Deployment Platforms

• Checkpoint supported platforms
• Installing Checkpoint on Windows o/s
• Installing Checkpoint on Linux o/s
• Installing Checkpoint on SPLAT
• Installing Checkpoint on GAiA
• Configuring checkpoint in standard setup
• Configuring checkpoint in distributed setup

Introduction to Security policy

• Understanding Checkpoint Licensing
• VerifySIC establishment between the Security Management Server and the Gateway using Smart Dashboard
• Creating a basic Rulebase
• Implicit rules vs Explicit rules
• Configuring hide NAT
• Configuring Static NAT

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User management & Authentication

• Configure user & group accounts in checkpoint
• Configure policies for authentication
• Local Authentication Methods
• Configuring user authentication
• Configuring Session authentication
• Configuring Client Authentication

External Authentication

• Creating LDAP & TACACS+ objects
• Integrating active directory server with checkpoint gateway
• Configuring Tacacs+ server
• Integrating Tacacs+ server with checkpoint gateway

Identity Awareness

• Introduction to Identity Awareness
• Configuring Identity Awareness
• Using Identity awareness to provide access to network resource

Checkpoint VPN Introduction

• Understanding VPN terminology
• Configuring Remote access vpn
• Implementing site-to-site vpn with head office & Branch office


• Using smartview tracker for Analyzing logs
• Using smartview Monitor for monitoring traffic