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Introduction to Cloud Computing

Introduction to cloud computing world
Cloud business models
Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Models
Advantages of Cloud Computing
AWS regions and Availability Zones
Tools to access AWS
Low level building blocks
High level building blocks
Overview of the console

Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2)

Introduction to EC2
Pricing models for different instance types
  o On-Demand
  o Spot
  o Reserved
Create instances using AMI’s – Amazon Machine Images
Sharing Images to other accounts.
Connecting to instances using key pairs
Creating snapshots for backup
Increasing the snapshots EBS volume
Backup and restore EC2 instances
Adding network interfaces
Creating Elastic IP’s and associating it to EC2
Creating security groups to control access to instances

Auto-Scaling Groups

Auto-scaling Overview
Create launch configuration
Creating Auto-Scaling groups and policies

Relational Database Services (RDS)

RDS introduction
Creating RDS instance from AWS console
Parameters and options group
Setup Multi-AZ RDS
Creating snapshots for backup and restore point in time.
Creating security groups to control access to instances

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Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)

ELB Introduction
Creating ELB
Add instances to ELB
Configuring listen ports, health check and protocols
Configuring sticky session
Setting x-forward-for
Configuring connection time-out
Installing SSL certificates for HTTPS listeners

Simple Storage Services (S3) & Glacier

S3 Overview
Creating buckets from AWS console and CLI
Types of storage options (default vs reduced redundancy vs glacier)
Setup static website in S3
Upload/Download data to S3
Managing access policies
Enable Version control
Use S3 bucket to sync data(rsync)
Introduction to Glacier
Moving data to Glacier
Creating archiving policies

Simple Email Service (SES), Simple Notification Service (SNS) & CloudWatch

Overview of SES and SNS
Subscribe to received notifications
Sending alerts using SNS
Overview of CloudWatch monitoring service
Monitoring instance performance metrics
Configure alerts for instance metrics and billing

Identity Access Management

IAM introduction
Access control using IAM
Creating users, roles, groups and assigning them


Virtual Private Cloud(VPC)
Public and Private Subnet
NAT Gateway


Overview to AWS CLI
Install and configure AWS CLI
Creating and managing instances from CLI
Using AWS CLI to automate tasks