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Are you experienced Oracle Apps Consultant and aspiring to step into Oracle Fusion?

Are you Oracle Apps Consultant and wondering how to leap into next generation ERP, Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps (SaaS)? Are you confused on where to start?

There is a lot changed technically from Oracle Apps to Fusion Cloud. How ever, your functional knowledge, consulting experience, and technical knowledge of Database, SQL, PL/SQL is going to provide an edge over rest of the crowd. You need to learn the new concepts and connect with your existing knowledge. If you start thinking as everything new in Fusion, it's going to be big problem. You need to always connect with what you know when you learn new things. Every new technology and concept is based on existing technologies and concepts. They may be adding another layer to the existing ones.They may be adding more features to the existing ones. The main objective of most of the new technologies and concepts is to make the developer job easier, consultant job easier, ultimately cusomter job easier and reduce the cost.

Fusion Technology uses industry standard technologies. The backend database is not gone any where. The application development is completely based on web development approach (using ADF), integration is based on Web services (using SOA), reporting is based on OBIEE.

There is a big role of functional in Fusion Cloud Implementation. Oracle has made the implementation and configuration easier by moving most of the things to UI. There is less involvement of technical experts during implementation. But once implemented, technical role is vital for integration with thirdparty applications.

It's not only about learning and getting expertise of one module. It's critical to get a comprehensive picture of the whole spectrum of modules and concepts so that you are ready to come up with a solution based on the given situation. Every customer environment is different, requirement is different.

We can guide you on the path to transition from Oracle Apps to Fusion Apps. We will help you with world class training to leverage your current experience and find a strong position in Oracle Fusion Cloud Apps.

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