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System Administration

Introduction to UNIX & LINUX

• History of UNIX and LINUX
• Basic concepts of Operating System, Kernel, Shell & File System structure
• Basic concepts of Linux
• Differences between CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux & Fedora

Installation of Linux

• Interactive Installation(grapical installation, text mode installation)
• Network Based Installation(NFS,FTP,HTTP,KICKSTART)

Basic and Advanced commands of Linux

• How to view files,directory
• Create,delet,mofication of files and directorys

Vi editor

• command mode
• insert mode
• execute mode
• substitution

Standard Input & Output Redirection

• Used to combine two related commands

Basicadnd Advanced file and directory permissions

• Assiging permissions chmod,chwon,chgrp and sticky bit
• creating, modifying and deleting ACL's
• Creating soft and hard links

User and group Administration

• Creating and deleting users from the systems
• Modifying users profile
• Creating and deleting groups
• Important system files related to user administration

Disk Partitioning and Mounting File System

• Using fdisk,disk druid utilities for disk partitioning
• Using mkfs, commands to create file systems
• Mounting various file systems
• Auto mounting of file system

Disk Quotas

• Enabling Quotas on partitions
• Creating Quotas for users and groups
• Auditing Quotas limit

RAID (Redundant Array of InExpensive Disks) &Logical Volume Manager

• Implementing RAID on Linux
• RAID levels configuration using RAID tools
• Resizing the Partition using LVM

Backup and Recovery

• Introduction to various types of backup media
• Backup and restoring using tar and cpio commands
• Taking Remote backup using rsync,scp

Process Management

• Introduction to various types of Process
• Kill/Stop Process

RedHat Package Management

• Installing and deleting software packages
• Querying and updating software packages

Schedule Tasks or automatic Jobs

• Various types Schedule taskes using at and cron

Sudo users

• Assigning super user commands to narmal users and groups

Kernel Services

• Currently loaded and avialable modules info
• install and remove the modules

Bash shell scripting

• Introduction to various types of shells
• Configuring Bash shell and excutes the scriptes

Networking Basics

• Assigning IP address,subnet,DNS to NIC
• troublestooing network connectivity
• Network printing

VNC viewer

• Configuration of VNC server and client to take remote administration

YUM Server

• Configuration of Local YUM server using RHEL DVD
• Configuration of YUM client to install RPMs

NFS Server

• Configuring NFS server
• Mounting NFS exports on NFS clients
• Automounting of nfs shared

Bash shell scripting

• Introduction to various types of shells
• Configuring Bash shell and excutes the scriptes

FTP Server (vsftp daemon)

• Basics of File Transfer Protocol
• Configuring vsftpd for Local and anonymous ftp service
• Securing ftp Server

Samba Server

• Configuring Samba Server and Clients (linux and windows)
• User and group permissions to samba shares

DNS Server

• Configuring of DNS server
• Configuration of primary DNS server
• Configuration of forward lookup zone
• Configuration of reverse lookup zone
• Testing tool of DNS zones
• Adding services in DNS

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

• Configuring Linux as DHCP Server
• Configuring various clients for DHCP Server (Windows & Linux)

Web Server (Apache)

• Basics of Web Service
• Introduction to Apache
• Configuring Apache for main site
• Configuring Apache for multiple sites using IP-based, portbased and name-based virtual hosting
• Configuring Apache for HHTPS
• Configuring Apache Security

Proxy (Squid)

• Introduction to Windows ICS,NAT and Proxy
• sharing the internet using Squid proxy with restriction
• word based, ip based , domain based.... etc

Mail Server (SMTP, POP3, IMAP)

• Basics of Mail Servers
• Configuring SMTP service using Postfix
• Configuring POP3 / IMAP service on Linux
• Configuring Squirelmail

NIS Server

• Configuring NIS Server and client
• Configuring NIS users logingremotly

Kickstart Server

• Configuring Kickstart server for automatic installation


• Configuring SSH server for remote administration

SYSlog Server

• configuring syslog server and client

Virtualization (KVM)

• Installation of KVM
• taking snapshot of VMs and cloning

Security Modules


• Configuring filter table, nat table, mangle table


• Restrict to host, domain and network control access to a Service

PAM.D(Pluggable module authentication)

• authenticate the user by checking the password
• introduction to flags

Troubleshooting and Debugging

• working on single user mode
• working on runlevels
• working on diffrent files, grub, kernal
• Linux data Recovery
• working on live CDs